Just past this spot in the REAL road…


Is the road trail to Palm Spring

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This is not to be confused with Palm Springs, it is a unique spot in the Anza Borrego Desert.  I’m not sure about the Palm Spring but there are ‘Mud Caves’ we have heard a lot about since we got here.  The whole area sounds quite interesting and another thing for the must see list, you can read a lot more about it here.

So the other day, afternoon actually, I decided to take a break from a bit of maintenance on the camper and take a drive.  I had seen the sign for Palm Spring along the paved road ‘S2’ and thought I would go take a look.

I drove the approximately two miles from the park entrance and turned off the road onto the trail leading into the desert ‘bush’.  I quickly pulled ‘her’ back into 4WD and rolled slowly across the loose sand.  No more than 1500ft there was a sign that said ‘SOFT SAND AHEAD’.  Whoa, I was already in some pretty SOFT sand.  I have heard stories about getting a dually stuck and they don’t sound pretty.  I could feel the truck sliding and drifting in it and there looked to be a lot more ahead to get through.  If it got anymore SOFT, it would be quicksand!

I chickened out and headed back to dry pavement.  I believe this will wait for a day when we get an early start and Rhonda and I can hike this trail together, earlier in the day than the day I headed out on an impulse.

Am I getting more prudent with age, or am I just chicken?

UPDATE since I wrote this; A ranger told me today it is about 6 miles from S2 to the Mud Caves and not to drive to them in the truck ‘you will get stuck’.  We WILL hike to Palm Spring, but unless we can come up with a dune buggy, I guess the Mud Caves will wait.