Drinking the morning Joe, just sitting here thinking about the changes around here without Toby in our world.  We are slowly getting in the swing of a new ‘normal’.  Lily’s personality is beginning to blossom.

Looks like an easy goin’ lil’ guy.


Having dogs has always been part of our lives.  Just can’t imagine not having at least one around and all that goes along with it.  Sure there are some limitations but for us, we can deal with them and work around most obstacles they create.

Toby was always up for a good hike


Dayton (AKA Pots) would be right there too! image

Those two were our buddies for a long time.  Both came from no kill rescue shelters.  The only way to get a great companion dog in our opinion.

There are some trails that you can not take your dog on, but back there in Florida that was not the case and except for the occasional stickers in their feet, it was a great hike.  Lil’ Pots was with us three more months after this pic.  He sure was a trooper, good thing no one told him he was sick, the hike was 6 miles.

When we lost Dayton (Pots) our thought was to allow Toby to be the only dog and get all the attention.  He and Pots were a good pair but I could not really say they were buddies, they co-existed.  There were little games they would play mostly centered around a mealtime a showy ‘argument’ was always in order.  Toby always wanted someone to want his food so he could tell them it was his.  Pots caught onto the game and argued back.  If you did not know what was going on, you would have thought one was going to die quick and it would have been Pots.  But it was just a game.  Kind of miss it even though at times is was annoying.

Then came Trinket (AKA Lily)


So about 8 months after we lost Dayton, both Rhonda and I found our selves checking Min Pin Rescue still once or twice a week.  It must have been fate but one day Rhonda had done a more general search and saw Trinket (Lily).  Well I guess it only took one look because no matter how much we reasoned not to, we did go to meet the lil’ fur ball in very short order.

She had been found roaming the streets in El Paso and taken to the pound.  Great Dane Rescue was picking up a dog and noticed the fur ball.  She had some teeth issues and was scheduled for euthanasia, so Great Dane Rescue came to her rescue!  We saw her listed three days after that and went to meet her a week later.  The rest of the story is history.

Don’t be fooled she is a wild childimage

So with a name like Trinket, we had to do something else, Lily seemed to be a bit more appropriate.  Had we known then what we know now, the most appropriate name at the time would have been Hemorrhoid.  We like our dogs to be calm and under control and she needed a lot of work on that.

Lily trying to get along, LOL

Well here we are just shy of a year later and Lily has taken the job of being DOG 1, the big dog of the house.  Her biggest ‘problem’ has been when she sees another dog (or any other animal) she goes completely nuts.  Tries to go say hi but in a way that looks very aggressive.  She has not been socialized at all in her past life.  Could be she was from a puppy mill and got loose but more likely she was simply very neglected and there were other dogs in her world.  Could be why she was so protective with ‘her stuff’ and always on guard when Toby was around.  Anyway we are working on all of that and I am happy to say she is making great progress.  Today on our walk she calmly strolled past a campsite with a dog in it!  A man was walking in our direction and she went up to him wagging her tail, NOT BARKING!  Progress is being made woohoo.

What is ahead of us on down the road?


So the big question is what next?  Will we be able to remain a one dog house?  My hunch is we will and if not Lily will let us know when the time is right to find a new friend and companion for the crew.  Both Rhonda and I are scanning the web from time to time looking at dogs that need homes, but for now at least, Lily needs to be the focus and we need to get her completely with the program.  I look forward to the day we no longer need to call her Hemorrhoid, that gets us some strange looks around the campground from time to time!