We were ‘hard’ at work Friday checking people in.  The day had been going very smoothly and just after noon it started…


This group of vintage and home built campers began showing up.  It’s a real neat kind of Route 66 feeling you get when a few of these things get together.

These are not truly teardrops but what the heck.  I got a tour of two restored travel trailers.

Both of these have been restored and include well hidden updates that provide modern conveniences and retain the vintage look and feel.

Some of the guys said they do a lot of boondocking – you can see they are set up for it.  Solar Panels and inverters were on board in most of them.



They do look like a group that knows how to have a great time.


I’ll bet when they are in the desert bush it is a real party for sure.





They carry a lot of STUFF all focused on FUN.






Of course a Teardrop camper has an out door kitchen and this one was very well equipped.




Same here for the slightly modified travel trailer.  A well done update.





More cool stuff including vintage lawn chairs!  I remember those from when I was a kid, had to re-string ‘em every year.20141114_120327




I have many memories of a 60s VW Beetle just like this one, except for the canoe!20141115_072800


The only folks who seem to be a little stiff in this crowd are the three mannequins that never left the canoe or the back seat in the VW!




They really need to ‘loosen up’ a bit don’t you think?




A few vintage campers grouped together sure makes for a cool looking camp.




Says it all and probably explains a lot too!IMG_4332




Don’t know ‘bout all that for sure!!!





And this has NOTHING to do with the vintage campers…

Just a really cool, friendly big dog SAMimage_thumb6


He insisted on saying ‘hello I’m here with my folks’ as he was checking in!



Sam came in around 3:00 on Friday just as we were getting ready to call it another day in the office.  He said he brought his people to camp for the weekend and he was very happy.

It’s a good thing his people kept him on a leash, Rhonda may have tried to sneak him home with us…  What a great boy he seemed to be.  A leaner and a good natured pup for sure.

UPDATE: The ‘rest of the BIG CIRCLE story’ will be posted the week of 12/1 stay tuned. I decided to make a run all the way back up to the Oasis Date Garden and redo the eastern side of that Salton Sea circle road trip.  You see, after we left the Oasis Date Garden, we began really rushing and abbreviated each subsequent stop only to get to Slab City just as the sun was setting.  We missed entirely the Dos Palmas Oasis and the Mud Pots.  So back to the Date plantation and down the east shore of the Salton Sea, this time to include more than we were going to the first time. Look for that the week of 12/1, it should be fun.