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It was nearly 2:00 in the afternoon.  I was recovering from a 24hr bug that knocked me for a loop two days earlier.  Still feeling kind of puny but was getting a bit of cabin fever, so when Rhonda asked If I wanted to go to Julian to get an Apple Pie I was quick to say yes.


So about 30 miles up the road from this is where the world changes to…1 20141118_161246



THIS >>>



Really looks like you’ve landed right smack dab back in the Midwest, good ol’ MO and possibly someplace in the Ozarks is what it reminds me of.  It is an amazing change in a short distance.

Another place just up the road from Julian is the small community of Santa Ysabel, home of Dudley’s Famous Bakery.image

Our friend Bobbie over at Chappy Trails gave us this heads up and said be sure to go to Dudley’s Bakery.  What we did not know was that it is very important to actually plan your trip.  It is Tuesday and this is what we found when we arrived.image



But not to worry, we don’t have to sleep in the parking lot till Thursday.





We just need to go across the parking lot to Don’s Market.





Don’s Market is also an ELECTRIC FILLING STATION


I did not get pictures in Don’s Market but sure should have thought of it.  It was a good old fashioned country store with all the good stuff.  The meat counter was top shelf and the same for the produce.  Lots of local stuff like raw honey and preserves and jellies.  Everything Apple is big in these parts so they had a good selection of apple stuff, pie, breads, cookies, cider etc.

Speaking of PIE which is after all what started this lil’ jaunt


imageWe bought a whole pie but also had to have a sample.  It just had to happen when there were so many varieties and we were NOT going home with THREE whole Pies!  The Peach/Apple Crumb was great, of course Alamode.

And just as all American as APPLE PIE, MUSCLE CARSimageimage

These two beauties rolled in as we were munchin’ on the pie.  They were, as you can imagine, PERFECT.  I read once that one of these nomads in a rusty condition sitting in a junkyard would bring $30,000 to $40,000.  Hard to say what these babies would be worth.  They sure had a case of WAY COOL.

After the great pie at the Julian Pie Co. we pointed the truck back in the direction of Julian.  Just on the edge of town is William Heise County Park.  We had not been there but had heard about it from rangers and other camp hosts so we decided to drive through and take a look.




If there are tree spirits or Keebler Elves, I believe they would call this home.





That is one old tree with a bunch of character.



It was beginning to get dark while we drove through the park.  There were quite a few Mule deer that moved just too quickly or were in dark shadows and no good picture opportunities were available.  It was a shame they all were quite good looking animals.

Romano’s Restaurant – Julian, CA

image image

Shortly after leaving the park we arrived back in Julian.  The town is beginning to be all decked out for the holidays.  They sit right at 5,000 ft so it does snow there.  I bet it makes for a great down home atmosphere when they get about 6 to 8 inches of fresh powder in those hills.  We didn’t really need to but we stopped at Romano’s for pizza.  Ordered a large pizza, Rhonda had two pieces and I had one!  The waitress boxed the rest and we took it home.  It’ll be an easy lunch for a couple of days.


Speakin’ of lunch, it seems Lily is developing a taste for vegetables.


She will eat a carrot but it looks like she has a preference for celery!!


When we were at the vet’s office on one of our many recent visits, there was a sign on the wall with foods to never feed your dog.  Grapes and Raisins can cause Kidney failure for example!  I looked up celery and carrots and we’re good.

And there ya’ have it, more fun and games out in SOCAL.

Stay tuned and remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.