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The view from the door of the camper as we headed to Yuma.  The day had come when we needed to get tires for the beast.  Got up early to make our 9:00AM appointment in Yuma.  One small problem is, we forgot that Yuma is an hour ahead of us this time of year.  Turned out not to be a real big problem though, the guys at Big O Tire were ready and eager to get us all fixed up. image image

On the agenda today is the set of Michelin LTX MS2 tires, alignment, clean the air filter and an oil and filter change.  She did not need an alignment so that was $80.oo less than expected!  Also no new replacement parts were needed.  The good ol’ girl is treating us right.  I asked for a reference of a good radiator shop in town which led to a discussion of the overheating situation on the up hill climb under load.  I told them what I have done so far and ultimately a decision was made to have a new radiator installed in January while we are back in Yuma.  I am convinced after our conversation and analysis that this will be the correction we need.  Stay tuned.

Michelins LTX MS2image

The big factor in this choice was a 70,000 mile guarantee.  Not a lot to lose in taking that chance.  The Firestones that these replace only delivered a little less than 40,000 miles and cost almost as much.  These new Michelins sure do make a difference in the ride, but I guess new tires always do.

We had the (Millenicom) Hot Spot along (shhhhh…Verizon still has not shut it down) so I got on line and submitted the rebate form.  I had the computer and all the stuff with us.  Scanned the receipt and all done.  Got a confirmation email and $70.oo is in the mail.  I had the rebate paperwork done before the guys in the shop had finished mounting the tires, just the way I like it.  FINITO, no loose ends to take care of later.

Lily turned out to be a good girl at the tire shop image image

Lily just hung out in the waiting area and Rhonda continued her ‘dog whisperer’ style of training.  It must be working, a lady commented that Lily was a ‘very well behaved’ dog!  Yea Lily, I did not think anyone would ever be saying that when they saw her in a public place!  Good job Rhonda and Lily.

My hearing has been about as fuzzy as this picture. image

There is a Beltone office just down the road and when we were finished at Big O, we stopped in for an adjustment of the over priced hearing aid gadgets!  Walter here really knows his stuff.  He did a great job and we plan for a final tweak in January.  Best service I have had on these since I left St. Louis.  There can be a huge difference in the competence of these guys but here is one that you can count on.  Thanks Walter for a job well done.  See you after the first of the year.

Optometry in Los Algodones image

Next stop was the big parking lot at the border crossing in Los Algodones.  It was almost 5:00PM and shops were closing but I wanted to show Rhonda some of it and get a bite to eat in Los Algodones.  Just like the opportunities for savings on dentistry, you can get some great deals on optometric care and glasses here.  Rhonda will be getting a new pair in the next few weeks.

The shadows were getting long image

Down the street and around the block we were soon at the neat little Taco shop I had gone to a few weeks ago.

The food is very tasty and like everything else here, a great value for the money.  Now it was beginning to be too dark for any more pictures but the shop we came to next had Ice Cream.  Ice Cream is a big weakness for this boy.  I had three dollars in cash after we ate.  Pulled that out and asked the lil’ gal how much an Ice Cream bar was.  In very broken English she said $2.oo.  we traded the two bucks for the Ice Cream bar.  A few minutes later, I realized that I had just encountered a bandito-arita.  She robbed me of a dollar!  They had a big sign that said Ice Cream Bars 125 pesos!  125 Pesos = one dollar my friends.  It was a good Ice Cream bar!

So next week we are headed up to see our friends Sue and Jim near Perris CA.  We worked together back at www.RiverbendHotsprings.com last winter.  It will be good to see them and get caught up.  Some planning for Quartzite will be part of our visit I’m sure, they have been there before, so they can clue us in and keep us on the right track.

Later in the week Rhonda’s daughter Anna is headed to our camp for the holiday.  I believe a laid back visit is planned.  After Thanksgiving our run back up to the Oasis Date Garden and the eastern side of the Salton Sea is on our agenda followed by a weekend get together with Brian and Barbara who are new friends and soon to be FT RVers we met here a few weeks ago.

So with a few weeks of stuff planned ahead, time will continue to pass quickly.  We sure are enjoying it here at Agua Caliente Park.  The only negative is the sporadic WIFI.  I know, I said it worked 50ft from the rig, it did for two days then went dark!  Oh well, just enough to do some blogging and once in a while face book.  Email is no problem so I guess it is OK.  Will be interesting to see how we react to being connected again in January! Anyway I can see I am starting to ramble on and on and on.  Thanks for joining us and have a great week ahead, enjoy all the Thanksgiving feasts and don’t over pay for your Ice Cream Bar!

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