It rained here in SOCAL!  Yep, woke to the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof the other night.  Rained right through the night and into the morning.  Sure was glad I had finished that caulking job when I did.  I just rolled over and went back to sleep!  Felt good to know I won that one!

Last night, looking east as the sun sets in the west!


Took the camera on the way down to Jim and Linda’s camp last night.  Overdue visit to meet them and deliver contact info on a workamping gig they have a great interest in.  They head out tomorrow for Hawaii, a family get together for Thanksgiving and it sounds like they will have a ton of fun.  Jim and Linda are the latest workampers to return here at Agua Caliente and I had not met them yet.  Rhonda sees Linda nearly every morning when she is taking Lily for the morning walk about.  When they get back from their trip I’m sure we will be having a few beers around the campfire.


The breakfast that almost killed me


It was one week today that I woke up feeling a bit ‘off’.  Not so bad that I did not want to fix a good ol’ fashioned omelet and hash browns with sausage for breakfast.  An hour later that breakfast wanted to escape and the rest is a story too ugly to tell.  I went back to bed around 11:00AM and did not get up till past noon on Monday.  I have been slowly recovering since.  On Thursday the trip to get tires had me really dragging by the time we got home.

So Jim and Linda have been here the better part of a week and a half, I had not met them and it was time to go say Hi.  Real nice folks and It looks like we could build a good friendship with them.

Looks like we are in a bit of a cool spell


Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon with outside temps at 69 and a constant breeze makes it a little more appealing to just stay in and crank up the Bose / I-Pod and relax.  Last night the strong wind was blowing, things were really shaking for a while.  The wind took a break after sun rise but now it looks like it is building up for round two.

Just about mid morning, I fixed a re-do of the breakfast that almost killed me and with no ill effects yet, yippee, I think I’m out of the woods.

Dug out the old Bose/I Pod music machine


We were recently at some antique store somewhere, I remember I became quite depressed.  Tools and gadgets I frequently used not so long ago are now being sold as primitive devices from a by-gone era!  It may soon be the same with our Bose and I-Pod too but I tell ya, it’s still a hell of a way to pack over 10,000 songs and a great sound system into the small space of the 5er.  Problem has been the ‘out of sight – out of mind’ thing.  Easy to forget we have it when it’s packed in the cabinet.  Today, it’s nice having all those folks singing and playing in the background while the infrared electric fireplace is radiating a gentle glow and beating back that slight chill in the air.


Turning out to be one of those great lazy winter Sunday afternoons.  The campground is nearly full, same for the pools.  After the pools close, I think we will head up for a nice long quiet soak.  That will be a super way to finish this lazy day.

Lily chillin’


Seems like the music and warmth from the fireplace is agreeing with the Lil too!  She is getting droopy eyes.

Tomorrow the plan is to go north to Wilderness Lakes RV Resort to visit Sue and Jim, Willie and Millie.  Sue has invited Lily to join us so Lily will be meeting Willie and Millie, that will be an interesting socialization/training event.  Lily is making great progress and if nothing else it will be a good training opportunity for her.  If she fails miserably she can always do a time out in the truck!

Looking forward to getting caught up with Jim and Sue tomorrow, they should be able to give us insight to Quartzite and we will firm up our plans for being there together in January.  Gosh I can’t believe it is just 6 more weeks till we begin heading that direction.

A big congratulatory Hooray for the folks over at Wheeling It it looks like they just passed the 3,000,000 views milestone on their blog.  They are a very active and fun couple to follow, lots of good info on their site as well.

Thanks for checking in and be sure to come back soon.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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