Willie, Lily & Millie – Tres Amigos image

Our trip up to see Sue & Jim was yesterday.  The drive once again, through new territory for us, was a neat experience.  The desert quickly gives way to a changing landscape of big trees and open pastures.  Vineyards and orchards along with a whole variety of farming all through the area.

We passed the studio image

To our surprise we passed the studio of Ricardo Breceda, the artist who created the metal Sculptures at Borrego Springs.  Even though we had left home early, there was no time to stop and check it out.  These few shots were taken just outside the entrance to the location of the Studio.  Vail Lake Resort, 38000 Temucla Pkwy, Temecula, CA.

The view from Jim and Sue’s rig image

We pulled in at Wilderness Lakes RV Resort and the ‘kids’ went crazy, barking and sniffing.  It was a brief period of total kayos.  Then things began to settle down surprisingly fast. image

The three got along very well and I’d say they became new pals.  Although it must have been too much for Willie at one point, having two gals in the house.  He headed down the hall for some alone time.  After about a half an hour he was back, good as new. Millie and Lily hit it off real well and Lily turned out to be pretty well behaved.  Overall I would say she passed. IMG_4516 20141124_160935 Sue and Jim fixed a great lunch of BBQ Chicken and we just hung out.  Got a bit of planning for Quartzite in January done and I think we are set.   Thanks guys we had a great time.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.  We’ll see you in January.  

That’s it for now, more to come.

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