The previous two posts on this project of re-attaching pictures to the old posts, ‘Finding the silver lining’ and ‘More pictures re-attached to old posts – and more fun looking back’ have been work but have also been quite fun.  I would encourage anyone to keep a journal and review it from time to time.  It is invigorating to see where your thoughts were at a point in time compared to the present.  It has been fun looking back.

This is the final recap of the past two years of our RV adventure of a lifetime.

In summary, we have so far sold everything and pulled out of the driveway for the last time.  September 2012 was when we departed and the next four months were spent in Kentucky.  Shortly before Christmas 2012 we pointed it toward Florida and arrived in Pensacola on one of the barrier Islands, Ft. Pickens Campground is where we spent the Christmas Holiday and the following two weeks.  A very destructive tornado (or three) touched down in Mobile AL just 50 miles from us the second night we were there.  We made it through and carried on.

20121227_151101 20121227_154137

Three weeks later we were in the jungles of northern Florida at Alexander Springs.  Close to friends from Home George and Mary we fished the St. Johns River and hung out together having a great time starting the new year 2013.

20130114_155502 20130115_145610

From there we headed back to Pensacola for a second dose and then on to New Orleans.  After a couple of weeks we landed at our first camp host gig at Lake Bruin, LA.  The month of March 2013 was one of discovery and adventure.  There is a lot of adventure in this life style and we found it there.

20121226_162702 20130212_171723

April thru June 2013

After a month in Northern Louisiana we then landed in Sullivan, Mo for the next three months, we were back in very familiar territory near St. Louis, Meramec State Park.  We were now camp hosts in a park where we had camped many times during the previous few years.  It was always great fun and this time it promised to be really over the top.

20130421_130550 20130413_184546

Since our plan from the start was to be in the west and south western part of the country, the time came when we finally set our course in that direction. Now is when a new kind of the excitement really begins.  Up to this point the feeling that we were on an extended vacation was kind of how it felt.  Now we were really taking off on our new lifestyle.  Heading into some largely unfamiliar territory and charting a new course.  July 2013 is when we moved closer to the western side of the state for a couple of weeks.  Camped at Truman Lake near Clinton, MO.  When the visits with friends and family were concluded we rode off into the sunset.

IMG_1351 IMG_1434

July thru Sept 2013

Then next few months had us in a beautiful box canyon surrounded with prehistoric history of Native American cliff dwellers.  We were docents at the Palatki Heritage site.  Before long we had completed the commitment at the Palatki Site and we were going to New Mexico for the winter.  A hot springs resort, it turned out to be a magical place for sure and we thoroughly enjoyed being in Truth or Consequences at Riverbend Hot Springs.  October2013 thru January 2014

20130906_125624 IMG_1889

It is at that point that we resume the updating of the blog and the un-attached pictures.

November, 2013 just after Thanksgiving:

Rhonda and I take a day trip to Bosque Del Apache, the flight of the Cranes is on the tail end of the migration.  Our adventure includes a trip to Lincoln, NM the site of the Lincoln County wars involving Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.  On the way we stop at the Smoky Bear burial site and museum.  All interesting history and again, it would really be cool to be able to experience it first hand but seeing the places they lived and things they used is an awesome experience for sure.

20131210_140010 IMG_2242

Stephanie was graduating, her masters degree completed and there was no way I was going to miss it.  I thought I was goal oriented but she is way more focused than I could ever be.  The accomplishment she has made in the face of the obstacles that were thrown in her path were more than the majority of the population would have been determined enough to overcome.  Congrats kiddo, I’m so very proud of you.

IMG_2283 IMG_2326

Back in TorC we resume our workamping obligations alternated with our tourist-ing activities.  A trip to the Gila Cliff Dwellings was on the radar screen.  A short distance (straight line) but a long drive (through the mountains).  A great day trip for sure, there were hot springs along the way and the cliff dwellings were awesome.  The dwellings consisted of a rather large site in a typical setting of very rough terrain.  Amazing what those folks were able to do with the resources they had.

IMG_2349   20140103_165411

On the way back we pulled into the Gila Hot Springs camp ground.  The springs are a clothing optional grouping of hot spring pools within a private campground.  There were a few campers there and one in particular caught our eye.  A self contained from Europe.  Quite a nice go anywhere very capable looking 4WD rig.  I hear the grey tank includes a system that will purify the water back into drinking water!  Don’t know ‘bout that for sure even if it is so!

January 2014

Stephanie was re-locating to Tucson, AZ and the plan was for her and Kayleigh to visit us on the way.  Just after New Years they rolled out of St. Louis.  A heavy snow pack was on the interstate most of the way until they were mid way through Oklahoma.  I tracked and watched them pass various highway web cams along the way!  That was really cool.

20140107_134227 20140109_105746

They made the trip without incident and after a good rest we took them to the Ghost town, Chloride the next day.  A few soaks in the springs and they were back on their way to to Tucson.  Man it was sure good to see these times become reality for Stephanie and Kayleigh.

Well in spite of how much we really like being at Riverbend Hot Springs, it was time to roll.  A mild case of Hitch Itch had set in and we were expected at our new gig in a week or so.  Before we go there, here are Rhonda’s thoughts >>> On Leaving Truth or Consequences.  I hope you read that it is profound.

Headed to Patagonia Lake Feb. to April 2014

We rolled out and pointed it toward new ground.  Patagonia Lake/Sonoita Creek State Nature Area.  We will be there until April 15, 2014.

20140202_115602 20140202_135132

Like all of them, the road trip was fun, the case of hitch itch was being cured.  We had to stop at one tourist trap and we did, the Thing.   ‘nuff said.

IMG_2383 IMG_2698

An overnight at City of Rocks State Park was really nice and a with a second overnight stop at Kartchner Caverns, leaving a short drive to Patagonia Lake State Park.  Soon after we were settled in we drove over to Tombstone with a stop at Fairbank on the way.  Fairbank is a ghost town and Tombstone is a ‘living ghost town’ (tourist trap).  Now if you can look past the hype and tourist trap atmosphere, Tombstone is really rich with history.  A few of the buildings are original and some of most of the store fronts are at least part of the original structure.  The town has done a great job of placing historical markers all around so you can see where the action took place.  Of course I’m talkin’ about Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and the Clanton’s famous shoot out at the OK Corral.  Lots of great history there.  The Birdcage Theatre is 100% original.

image image

Our time at Patagonia Lake was really a fun time, we took trips to Nogales Mexico, Ruby Ghost Town, Mt. Lemmon, Bisbee and more.  Kids and grandkids came to visit and camped with us.  Our gig included a lot of time on the water, I was the captain of the pontoon tour boat.  Fellow Blogger and FT RVers Bill and Cap came by and became new friends.  They spend a lot of time in Yellowstone and it was interesting hearing some of their tales.

image image

There were many social events among the volunteers at Sonoita Creek Nature area.  Many folks who volunteer there have second homes nearby and were eager to host gatherings.  It was always a great time.

On Our way to Colorado April 2014

With a full thirty days to get to Grand Lake Colorado, we had quite a road trip planned ahead of us.  Extended boondocking in a couple of locations and lots of sight seeing on the agenda.  Check out the old posts from April to the middle of May 2014.  We stopped at Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, NM (UFOs), on up to Fort Sumner (Billy the Kid), Santa Fe, NM, Alamosa, CO, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, CO and up into Wyoming then back down into Colorado and over to Grand Lake.  We met Jim and Bobbie Chapman and hung out together for a couple of days.  That was a very memorable trip with a ton of sites we were able to see.  We also had a total of about 12 days of great solitude and R&R in a few very nice dry camps.  When we arrived in northern Colorado it was like the clock had been rolled back to late winter with all the snow and it was mid Mai!!! This is different.

image image

image image

NOTE; As I write this post all pictures have been re-attached up to May 2 2014.  This project will be complete by the middle of next week or sooner and since there are a relative few posts now that need to be worked on, we will resume our ‘regularly scheduled programming’ after this post.  In order to be consistent the following is a summary of what was going on and highlights to look for in those remaining posts.

Thank you for joining us and being part of our journey.

May – September 2014

Our arrival in Grand Lake, CO was not without incident.  First we ran out of fuel less than a mile from our site in Green Ridge Campground.  Faulty fuel Gauge was the cause of that.  The altitude really got me and I ended up in the emergency room the third day we were there.  Never did really acclimate the whole time we were there.  We became friends with our fellow campground managers Dave and Katie and continue to stay in touch.  Dave and Toby were buds.  Thanks you two for all you did.  There were visits with the kids lots of exploring that part of Colorado.  Rhonda got her ‘New Toy’ the Optibike.  Steve and Leslie are new friends that joined us for grilled trout while they were there, (see you guys this spring).

image image

image image


Mid September to the end of October 2014

Once again, we had planned quite an adventure for the trip from Colorado to Southern California.  First it was across CO, over into Utah.  Arches and Canyon lands were awesome sites.  Back into Colorado and we took in Durango & Silverton as well as Mesa Verde.  We rolled down through north eastern Arizona and over to Williams.  With a slight change in our plan we ended up at an RV Resort for three nights on the banks of the Colorado River just across from Parker AZ.  Took in Lake Havasu and the London Bridge.

image image

image image

image image

After a visit with the kids in Tucson and a stop in Yuma, AZ it was not long before we were at our destination for the winter.

image image

That brings us to October 2014 and our arrival at the Agua Caliente San Diego County Park.  We will be here until the end of December 2014.

The look back has been fun, re-attaching the pictures has been work but worth it.  Again, thanks to all who are taking an interest in our adventures and remember to drop in with comments, we really enjoy hearing from you and we always try to answer every comment.

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Happy Holidays and remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.