Waiting for a new kitchen sink faucet to get here.  Ordered it from Amazon and found an exact match at a good price.  The old one was getting really stiff, bound up and the swivel head would not swivel anymore.

With time on my hands and inspiration from Al over at the Bayfield Bunch I grabbed the camera and started shooting.  Actually some of these were shot in the past few days.  The bird shots were today’s effort.



It’s an old hobby I started to get into way back in the early 80’s.  Back then it was film and I bought a really good Minolta and a few lenses, filters, tripod – all the stuff.  Read a few books and began to understand how to take a decent picture, kind of.  Spent a lot of money on film developing.  Many times when I would get the pictures back I was disappointed with the results.  There would be a few good shots but most were nothing to write home about.  Al explains the challenges here very well.

Anyway, reading what Al says and all about the cameras and lenses he uses has re-awakened the interest for me in making an attempt to improve on my picture taking skills.  Al sets a bar that is pretty high and I am sure it will take some time if ever to get to that level but it is something to ‘shoot’ for, pun intended.  Today there is the added benefit of digital as Al also talks about in that post.


image 2 1 IMG_4439

Yep it is fun to play around with and that added benefit of being able to photo edit, adds a ton of fun and creativity to the mix.  I read in one of those old books that if you can take good B/W you can take good color photos.  I have always been interested in B/W and now, even if I don’t shoot it, I can photo edit and make the color shots B/W.  Thanks Al for the inspiration.

I grabbed the Canon SX40 and beside the rig, waited for the air show to start.

image IMG_4621imageimageimage

It sure is easier to just keep shooting these days.  Another good photographer, Ingrid over at Live Laugh RV, had some good advice when she said ‘the delete button is your good friend.’

imageimageimageimageIMG_41801 IMG_4180image

The mechanical birds can be as tough to shoot as the feathered ones.


This could become real easy to get hooked on.  For now I am good with the Canon SX40, it has a very wide range of settings for manual control.  I chose it over the SX50 for the wide range of shutter speeds with the intention to try out some low light scenes using a tripod.  Still have not played with that much but intend to.  The Cumberland Falls/Moon Bow, when we were back in Kentucky was what started me thinking about getting a better camera.

That’s the fun stuff going on here today!

By the way for all you friends back in the Midwest in good ol’ Missouri, it was 82 degrees and sunny here today!  Happy Holidays!

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