Sittin’ here after a bit of packing thinking of what the next few weeks have in store for us.   We have just three more days here at Agua Caliente.  Hard to believe but three months have passed since we arrived. image Julian, CA
Thinking about a run back up to Julian tomorrow, supposed to snow and it would be neat to see that lil’ town blanketed in snow and still decked out with the holiday decorations.   A trip to Julian and two 5 hour days of work and we will be rolling to Yuma on Jan 3rd. While in Yuma we are planning a schedule that is relatively full. We have open hood surgery scheduled for the beast. The procedure is a radiator transplant so she will keep her cool a bit better on the long uphill climbs.  Then Benjamin’s RV Wash will be washing and waxing the rig again, this time they will apply Dicor Lap Sealant to all the seams on the roof of the 5er.  A possible trip into Los Algodones is in the works for glasses and some time hanging out with Brian and Barbara too.

We will need to stock up on supplies for the time planned in Q as there are limited choices there in town from what I hear.  We will be boondocking and I need to remember to get some of those one pound propane tanks for our Mr Buddy heater.  We would sure need it now if we were not connected to power.

It will also be nice to get back to an area we can have working phones and WIFI again.  That has been the only tough part of this gig at Agua Caliente for sure.

Speaking of hanging out, new friends Walter and Sara came over to talk about full time adventures around a campfire.  They are in the first year of the Full Time RV lifestyle in their new Airstream and having a great time.  We are heading up to Oregon next summer and they are from Washington, there was a lot of comparing notes going on around the fire.  Thanks guys it was a great time and we look forward to seeing you again somewhere down the road.

imageimage Walter and Sara
So after a few days in Yuma we are finally heading to Quartzite, AZ in January.

Quartzite JanuaryQuartzite, AZ in January
If you are not aware of what Quartzite is, or should I say becomes in January, here is the scoop.  I have been hearing about this for years.  The little crossroad town of Quartzite swells to over 1,000,000 people I have heard.  The biggest boondocking party of the year in the US.  People from all over the country and Canada converge on this little spot on the map at the intersection of US 95 and I-10.  Now in the three years we have been out on the road living the dream, I have become increasingly averse to the crowded city and congested roadways.  This may be a bit different, maybe.  There is a Gem Show and RV Show and Swap Meet all going on here the first month of the year.  The ‘BIG TENT’ is always referenced and well, we just have got to see this place at least once.  I am told you can find anything you want here at the ‘show’.  I am keeping my eye out for the SOLAR options to see how much better things are getting, it changes fast and the longer you wait the better and less expensive it gets.

To help us newbies find our way around, we will have the benefit of hanging out with Sue and Jim, our friends from back at Riverbend Hot Springs last winter.  They have been to Q before and know some of the must see/do stuff in town.  It may be the only time we go but like I say we must do Q once for sure.  We plan to spend some time boondocking before we go to the RV Park where Sue and Jim will be so there will be some variety to our time spent in Q.

The plan after Quartzite is to slowly go east till the end of the month with stops along the way to visit friends and family who have moved from back in St. Louis to AZ.  We will get to see the AZ kids and grand kids and have the late Holiday connection going on there in Tucson.  Really looking forward to every bit of the month ahead, it will be a great way to start the new year. When we finish up January we will be parked in TorC at Riverbend Hot Springs till the end of April.  I will say are really looking forward to getting back there for a few months.  The Springs are the BEST and the owners are the BEST too!

imageimageThere it is UFO?
There seems to be a strong connection with ET and NM so we will be keeping a close eye to the night sky while we are enjoying the pools overlooking the Rio Grande.  Ya never know when you will spot something out there  – out there! Boy as I think about it we have a lot planned for Feb thru Apr also.  More visits are planned with fellow FT RVers.  2015 is going to be a fantastic year and I really am looking forward to getting it going. image A warm ‘fire’ on a cold day
As far as today: the breeze is blowing cold from the west and there are a few dark clouds overhead.  We are snug in the 5er and the ‘fireplace’ is radiating heat into the living room.  We may make some brownies, watch an old movie and just relax the rest of today hoping for snow in the higher elevations.  Regardless I think we will head into Julian tomorrow and stroll the sidewalks one more time before we leave the area.  There is a pie with our name on it up there and we have to go get it.

For now, that is the scoop, remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.com

Have a very Happy and safe New Year, ‘see’ you again in 2015!

In closing let me extend a BIG thank you to all the folks who clicked their way to Amazon from our blog, your consideration is greatly appreciated.