It was a cold snowy morning in the Anza Borrego Desert and the Cactus man does not look real happy with the situation.image
The very rare Snowy Cactus Man

Tuesday night we went to bed with the rain hitting the roof and sounding like springtime in the Mid West.  Have not heard drops like that in a long while.  The forecast held true and by morning there was a white powder all around the desert in every direction.

The view to the north in front of the rig this morning

Out elevation is +/- 1,200ft and anything above 1,300 ft was covered from what it looked like.  After a few cups of coffee and some discussion we decided to point it in the direction of Julian and experience the snow in the little mountain town.  There was an apple Pie with our name on it just as I suspected and we rescued it while we were there.


S2 leaving Agua Caliente headed to Julian CA.



The cloud cover was moving and large holes kept the scenes changing on the drive.  Sometimes gray and very frigid looking,


Sometimes bright, sunny and frigid looking.  It was COLD no matter what the sun and clouds were up to.

Hard to imagine the days when it is hot here on a day like this.


Before long we were really climbing the grade and heading toward 4,500ft where Julian is located.  The ride today was through a winter wonderland.



The last curve before you enter the town of Julianimage

image image


The Miners Diner old soda fountain
Brian had told me to be prepared for the crowds.  He was not exaggerating one bit.  It looked like everyone from San Diego was either already there or on the roads coming into town.  We lucked out and got a parking spot right on the corner of an alley just up from the Miners Diner.  There were a couple of the bakeries with lines stretching a block long on the sidewalks outside. The common wait time at the restaurants was an hour and forty five minutes to get a table.  We strolled on over to the Rongbranch Restaurant (we were told none of the locals go there) and there was an open table, no surprise.  Ordered the ‘safe bet’ Chicken Pot Pie which is their specialty.  Not bad and only slightly overpriced!!  Sorry folks I remember the $10.oo hamburger that was not as good as a McDonalds double Cheese Burger.  Beware of the burgers, but the Chicken pot pie was OK.

In spite of the crowds we had a great time in Julian.  It is always fun to go the short distance and have a setting that is so much like being back in a landscape so similar to parts of the Mid West where we are form.  Today we had quite enough of our snow fix and we are now over it.  Bring on Spring and warm weather.

Apple Pie from Julian, CA

Like I said we rescued the pie with our name on it and here she is.  Picked up a half gallon of Ice Cream to go with it and I guess we will see how long we can hold the temptation at bay but my bet is we have half of it gone before midnight!  The New Years resolutions don’t start till tomorrow!!!

To all our friends and family, have a safe and Happy New Year.

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