Agua Caliente County Park, San Diego County, CA 1.2.15

Hitch Itch that is.  Been here three months, mostly a good time.  Still it is hard to believe it’s already time to roll tomorrow morning.  Hitch Itch gets a LOT worse after the third month it seems, but at three with no cell coverage, we are ready for a change.  We will take good memories of this place and may find ourselves back next winter.  We have not planned quite that far ahead yet/

Lots of stuff took place in the last three months, we lost our good pal Toby and going down the road tomorrow without him will be different for sure.  The Lil has stepped up and is really making good progress at being the ‘big dog’ around the house.

Other stuff we did included Sealing the slide seams and it looks like the fix is for sure a long term fix this time, finally.  Got my teeth sharpened in Mexico and had new shoes put on the beast.  Met some new friends we are sure to see down the road.  Throw in some good sight seeing adventures and this was a great place to be from October to January.
Lily Dog

So everything is ready, most of the stuff is packed.  Our routine is coffee and a light breakfast, then I go outside and finish packing out there.  Rhonda starts at one end and works her way to the other, getting everything tied down inside.  Generally we can be rolling in about 30 to 45 minutes after we start.  We’ll see how it goes in the morning but I expect with the temps forecast to be in the 30s, there will not be a lot of slow movin’ goin’ on here, at least outside.

Various shots of our final day here

Checking the weather, it looks like temps will start to moderate just about the time we arrive in Yuma tomorrow.  Still getting a few of those small propane canisters for the MR. Buddy.  We will be dry camping from the 7th to the 17th somewhere between Yuma and Quartzite.  Had been thinking of the LaPosa LTVA but if we see a good looking spot along the way, who knows.  It is an adventure and that (loose plan) is what makes it one, right?  A few nights under the dark sky would really be a nice change up if it’s not too cold.
Snowy Cactus Man

I think we will be OK as long as we don’t see the dreaded Snowy Cactus Man again.

Spotted the first bloom of the season here today.  Strange to see anything like this in January but hey, we are from MO.image
A cactus blooming 1.2.15

So I believe we will have the last piece of that damned good apple pie from Julian tonight, just after a final soak in the Spa.image
The SPA – 102 degrees – Ahhhhhhh

That will be a great end to the day and an end to our time here at Agua Caliente.

My thoughts are drifting toward Riverbend Hot Springs, we will be there in February, oh no, we will not have access to any hot springs till February!!!  I guess THAT is what it means to be roughing it!

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