Really neat wood carvings
When we left Agua Caliente our plan was to meet up with Brian and Barbara at Foothills RV Resort when we arrived on Saturday.  It was great to see these guys again and unfortunately for them, they had to be back to work Tuesday so they left the next morning(Sunday).  From the sounds of it, if things go well they will be FT by late spring and we may just see them up in Oregon this summer.  Stay in touch and we look forward to hearing about the smooth start of your adventure.

They told us about a few things in the area that sounded interesting to go see.

Yuma Market Place
On Sunday we headed out to the flea market they told us about.  Over by the airport, there is a huge flea market with a lot of RV related stuff along with a variety of really unique merchandise.  We strolled around and did not find anything that was a must have but did have a great time checking out all the stuff.  Yuma is an extremely RV friendly place and it is good to know you can find some great deals around here this time of year.  We like many others will likely be back here in the winter many more times in the future.

The usual souvenir stuff
While most of the merchandise is of a practical nature, it always amazes me there is a market for some of the stuff they have to offer.  This may be a preview of the big show in Quartzite, if so I am SURE it will be the only time we go to Q.  This place was busy but nothing like what I have heard about Quartzite.

After the flea market and a bit too much time spent at the Verizon store ‘fixing’ Rhonda’s I Phone, we went back to the rig and changed into our swim suits and headed for the pool and hot tub.  There was an Ice Cream social in the club house and of course we stopped in for a few scoops, just not a good idea to pass up on ice cream, ever!

Monday morning rolled around and we got right down to business.  Benjamin’s Mobile RV Wash was on the schedule for round two of washing and waxing the rig.  This time it was to include sealing the seams and all penetrations on the roof with Dicor Lap sealant.  I can not speak highly enough for these guys and Benjamin himself.  If you are in the area and need to have a detail done on your rig, look them up, I am sure you will be very satisfied with their work.

Benjamin and his crew shining up the rig
So Rhonda stayed at the rig while I headed off to Big O Tire.  We had open hood surgery scheduled with a radiator transplant on the beast.  If you have been following the blog for a while you may have picked up on the tendency for the truck to overheat under load on just about any uphill pull.  Well I have done everything possible to correct the problem now.  We’ll see how she does on the next climb.

Truck in the operating room at Big O Tires
With the old radiator out and the new one ready to go in, it was real easy to see this was going to be the fix for the problem.  Years of gunk was packed into the fins and blocking air flow on the old unit.  It is a very good feeling to have this done.  After a few hours the job was completed and I headed home.

Revising plans is always how we roll!
We had been thinking of going to the LTVA near Quartzite for ten days before meeting up with Jim and Sue at the RV park there for a three day stay but have changed our minds on the next ten days! Our ‘new’ plan is to boondock about 20 miles from Yuma hopefully away from the crowds.  There will be a huge crowd in Quartzite and I think three days of it will be quite enough.  So after lunch and squaring up with Benjamin, we went to check out the nearby boondock location.  It is close to water and some sites are on the water.  We only took one picture today, we will be there for ten, we will make up for it then.

2stealth camping 20150105_163209

Famous RVer
We took off in the direction of the new possible destination which will be en-route to Quartzite and after seeing about four potential great sites we rounded a corner and right there in front of us was the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  Now anyone who follows RV Blogs knows the XXXXXXXXXxxxx Yep XXXXXXXXXXXXX were there.

When we rounded the corner I saw XXX rig and instantly knew who it was, a second later XXX stepped into view and there was XXXXX, XXX faithful pup.  Well I waved and pulled in when XXX waved back.  That was a high point of the day to meet XXX, I have been following XXX blog since about the time XXXheaded down to XXXXXX to pick up her XXXXX, which was right as XXX was transitioning to a FT RV lifestyle.

Well we spent a few minutes exchanging info about the area and XXX helped us with our bearings on a couple more locations for possible dry camping if there is nothing available where we were when we get there on Wednesday.  I am not telling where that is until after we leave the site.  Anyway If you are still there when we get there XXX, and you have had success in finding XXXXXXXXX, we would love to meet him.

Lily was her typical very animated self and we left her in the truck while she yapped up a storm.  We are making a lot of progress but she still has a hard time learning how to meet other dogs.  Working on a few ideas to help that, more on it later.

So things are going as planned here in Yuma, we are getting everything ready and lots of preventive maintenance is now under our belt.  I feel like the rig is in great shape and we are quite ready for the more intense travel schedule planned for the summer.  It should be great fun and with everything in ship shape there should be no huge surprises (we hope).

Tomorrow our plan is to go into Los Algodones for a new pair of Glasses for Rhonda and lunch at that great little taco shop, then head back to the rig and fill tanks with water, get in the pool and hot tub and be ready to roll out on Wednesday morning.

The temps have headed back up and we will be in boondocking heaven later this week!!!  As I write this it is 11:30PM and the outside temp is 56 degrees. WoooHooo there will be some great late night star gazing next week.  Stay tuned, when we get there the area is beautiful and I’m sure the camera will get quite a work out.

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