Yep things were all set for a great time at a close by dry camp but the universe or some other force had other plans for us.

We were all packed up, ready to roll and be in the bush for 10 days.  Food supplies restocked, 25 gallons of water in addition to the full holding tank, gas for the generator all check.  Even had a full two tanks of diesel so when we left the camp we could just keep on going and end up in Quartzite after ten days of remote boondocked camping.

As always I checked the tires just before we pull away from the pedestal.  As always the two on the passengers side of the trailer needed air.  This time I had had it, three days and they had lost 12 psi… gotta get that fixed.  So Big O tire was right on the way, we stopped.

Thinking there would be a very quick fix, we waited till they could get the wheels off and see where the leaks were.  What they found and showed me was quite a bummer.  The wheels had clusters of pin holes in them.  The two on the passengers side were leaking BIG TIME!  I have learned today that this is not that uncommon, the wheels are 8 years old and on a trailer, I am told steel or aluminum can/will do this on a big rig.  The stresses side to side will eventually cause metal fatigue and wheels (rims) will need to be replaced.  Thought about tubes, but decided to not do that and risk a split rim catastrophe somewhere between here and the way out there some time in the unknown future.  Bite the bullet now and roll with confidence.


Well it is not going to be a quick fix for sure.  The guys at Big O were trying to find replacements and not having any good luck.  I began calling the various RV Dealers in the area and there are many, still no luck.  RV Dealers you would think would have the answers at the very least, who what and where can I get wheels for my 5th wheel, but no help came from that crowd either.  Tire and wheel distributors in Yuma (there are two), again, no luck.  When I say no help I mean it, not even a suggestion of who to call, a sad situation for sure.

I have always been persistent and successful at overcoming any roadblocks I am faced with in very short order in most cases so, I began the ‘outside the box’ thinking and in less than 20 minutes I had four new wheels scheduled to arrive at Big O Tire ASAP, meaning they should arrive here by Monday.  Interesting they will be shipped from O’Fallon, MO less than 20 miles from where we used to live.  When they arrive and we have experienced the result of this effort and the true service is demonstrated by the supplier, I will post the details of who and where the new wheels are coming from and how the company performed with delivering on the promises.  So Far everything sounds good but I have been down that road before and if you followed the process of finding the solution to a cell phone booster, you know what I mean.  I don’t want to stick my neck out yet and say things are great just to say on Monday they are not so good and we are re-grouping.

So we are here at Foothills Village RV Resort at least till Monday morning.  If you are in the area by all means stop by and we can toast to letting the good times roll again soon, I promise it will always be OK to stop by and say hi!

Better hurry though, the new wheels get here and we are gone!!!

Old wheel on left, new wheel on right

Not saying I am real happy about not being able to match what we have but at least we will not have to wait two or three weeks for replacements and the style we have is no longer made anyway.

If it were not for the fact that the two on the passengers side of the trailer had been leaking like this for a long time, I would be thinking that something else could be at play here.  Possibly VOODOO!!!image

Fortunately the RV Community is made up of mostly very nice folks and we have been fortunate to have made some great friends out here.  Thank you to everyone who has emailed or messaged me with the supportive and positive comments in the midst of the extremely negative and un warranted attacks over the past few days on the part of another well known RVer.  I like you am amazed and done with the endless drama and negativity and can not fully understand how there can be so many people who like that stuff.  But it takes all kinds I guess.  Thanks again for the positive support.

It looks like the comments on the famous RVers site have been highly edited with the exception of a few remaining that mention me by name.  It would be nice to see an apology but I doubt that will ever happen.  I would expect any remaining reference to me to also be eliminated, that may never happen either.  So if it is something that you missed, consider yourself lucky.  Not worth dealing with anyway.

When we get results on the performance of the supplier of the wheels, I will be back with more on them, there is a lot to tell and much more than just wheels are available from the supplier.