Well it is always true, it could be worse.


Instead of a mediocre dusty dry camp right on the road at Mittry Lake we will be stuck here at the RV Resort.

mittry lake boondock
The typical camp spot at Mittry Lake

The RV Resort is not really our ‘kind of place’ but it sure could be worse.  The down sides are no fire pit and no space at the site to speak of.  The upshots are the pool and hot tub and a few activities, Ice Cream on Sunday night!!!  How can you argue with that?

We have made some friends here and will probably get together for a few drinks one evening coming up.  That will be an additional up shot to being here too.

Speaking of friends, when we get to Quartzite, we are meeting Jim and Sue and last night I got an email from Bobbie and Jim over at Chappy Trails.  They have recently closed on the purchase of a Condo which was a surprise to hear but it sounds like a really cool place.  Sounds like they will still be traveling on a seasonal basis in the future back to Colorado.  They are an inspiring couple for sure, gate guarding, campground managers they have a ton of experience and they are very fine and fun folks to be around.  We look forward to a few tid bits of FULL TIMER knowledge and introducing them to Jim and Sue too!.  Keeping tabs on where someone is without being a pest will be super easy, they are logged onto RVillage which can be a great resource for connecting with friends and making new ones when you are roaming around.  See you guys soon!image
The wheels are rolling – sort of

It is interesting to look at this map and track the shipment of the new wheels.  They have to go to Louisville (East) first before they come to Yuma (West) Arggggg.  Anyway the wheels should get here by Monday close of business.  That means a change in our plan for a boondocking location on the way to Quartzite will be required.  Somewhere along US 95 and if anyone has  a good suggestion, I’ll take it.

I took a stroll around the park with Lily and a training opportunity popped up.  Some things are just meant to be.  A very nice lady was walking two dogs and when hers started yapping and Lily started yapping, she said this is a great training opportunity…  I think she read my mind.  We took advantage of the situation and I believe progress was made for all of the pups.  I asked if it would be ok to take pictures and none of the dogs or her had a problem with it.  I did let them know it would be posted on my b log!  Still no issues, people are great folks, dogs are too.
Training the ‘kids’

Well that is about it from here.  Waiting on the wheels and trying to focus on making new friends while we are here.  It is kind of like the ‘old days’ when we were tied to a dock in a marina – not our home port.  Lots of social action, there is less here as most of the crowd is in bed by 7:00!!!  But then again I do that too sometimes so, we may have to begin to start the parties earlier!!!

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