Sometimes stuff just falls in your lap and ya gotta go with it…..
Drama, that is her name, I am NOT kidding!

Lately my attention has been drawn to Rescue Groups and I began poking around checking on available dogs to see ‘who’ is out there.  It is funny (quite literally) to find this one, I think she would fit in quite well.  Not that WE are into a lot of DRAMA but it would be more of a commemorative thing if you know what I mean, LOL.  The ear thing would not make her appearance quite as intimidating as the typical Hollywood look associated with the Doberman breed.

Take a closer look at DRAMA here.

Our big guy guy Toby (AKA Mr. Biggs) had some ears too!

Mr. Biggs, still missing him terribly

This breed can be very misunderstood and it is always misrepresented by Hollywood.  A lot of insurance companies are taking the easy way out and banning specific breeds from coverage due to a few unfortunate circumstances mostly related to poor training or care.  Owners are, or should be responsible for their dogs no matter what breed period.  Unfortunately there is not a good way to control or regulate the owners and in some cases there really needs to be!

I have in the past been involved with show dogs, German Shepherds.  Another often banned breed.  Another highly intelligent and very trainable dog.  Great companion and can be a fierce protector.  Regardless of the ears, Tobs was a dynamic personality like all good Doberman buddies.  He was into play time, long walks, laying on your lap, leaning on you and when needed he could be a very stealthy guard dog.  The impact it has on a person can be incredible when you turn around and out of nowhere there is a 90LB dog just there looking at you, waiting.  It was a rare event but when needed he would be a formidable road block to any unwanted intruder. We once had a pizza delivered and Mr. Biggs stood between Rhonda and the door just quietly watching the exchange of money and pizza.  Powerful.

Rescue groups are a super way to locate a pet, many benefits in going that route.  Benefits for the dogs of course but for the owner also.  For example you are seldom getting a puppy and avoid all those issues.  The dog has been in the care of a good foster home likely with some training already begun.  They tend to be breed specific and they can  help you predict the temperament and quality of match for your needs based on lots of experience with the breed.  They also will have all the health issues and shots up to date when you are successful in adopting a dog.  Sometimes those costs go way beyond the adoption fee they charge.  Lots of benefits like I say.

Lily – AKA Hemorrhoid

She is growing out of the nickname but still sometimes a wild child.  Lily is a great example of just how good the rescue organizations are.  She was rescued by the Great Dane Rescue center in El Paso, TX.  Story goes that on a stop to pick up a Great Dane at the pound, the lady with the rescue spotted Lily.  She was scheduled to be put down in a day or two.  The lady asked if she could take over and put her into their group of available for adoption dogs and she was saved.  To make a long story shore there were extensive costs associated with getting her healthy, around $700.oo in vet bills later we found her.  Our only cost was the standard adoption fee.  I need not say more I am sure you get it.

Part of the goal with the rescue org. is always to find the best possible ‘fit’ for dog and owner.  We saw that happen a bunch with the folks at Midwest Doberman Rescue we were a foster home for about six great Dobie’s spread out over a few years back in St. Louis.  It was a great experience, the only thing that made it possible to let them go was seeing the great home they were headed to and then being able to get (help) another one.

DRAMA being cute

I am not sure if we will be able to adopt a big dog like DRAMA again as we are of course FT RVing with no fenced yard.  If not we would understand and not expect the rules to be bent or broken for us.  We may try though they can always say no.  She is in St. Louis, so I am not sure what that would mean either.  I will have to sleep on it for sure.  Drama has been waiting for a new forever home for about two years, it’s about time she gets a break.  Same for Mr. Biggs he had been waiting a couple of years when we got him!!!

Gosh I wish I had not started looking it’s not an easy thing to decide on.  She sure sounds like a great potential companion, anyone…..

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