It was Rhonda’s birthday and we went out for SUSHI.

Dinner was great and we had a good time.  Happy birthday baby.

After dinner we headed back to the resort and got together with Dave and Linda, new RVer friends.  Dave and Linda had invited us over for a game of Farkel which is a unique dice game.  We had a great time and played two full games before calling it a night.  Ya just meet some of the greatest folks out here when you are RVing.  They are from Iowa and RV on a seasonal basis.imageimage
A bit fuzzy but we were too!!!  It is FARKEL

They invited us to join them on Saturday for a visit to a car show just down the road at the fair grounds.  This was a huge car show with a wide variety of vehicles.  There was something for everybody there.

We all know you never know who you are going to bump into in a public place so a word to the wise is just be careful….image
Until recently I guess fuel prices were affecting everybody!

There were some cars there that brought back long lost memories.  When I was in High School a friend’s father was an exec at the local Ford Plant.  We got to tool around in a Pantera like this one (below).  We were 17 years old then, WOW, looking back, it is a wonder lived through those years.
1972 Pantera

Now it is important to note here:
If you always keep a POSITIVE OUTLOOK and keep your eyes open, is is very easy to have a really good time.  Life presents so many opportunities for that if you are receptive.  The following was – IRONIC
This could be a Perfect Tow Vehicle

I think I have met a few folks who would be able to put this rig to great use.  It would be a super choice for the clan or a few Wiccans to use for getting to those really remote camps.  It is a four door cab and sitting on a 6×6 4WD drive, drive train.


It looks like it comes with all the stuff you need for a late night party around the campfire in when you are making offerings to the gods.  Yep I do think there is a market for this, hummm.

Some of these guys are really creative with their iron and wheels.

Saw a number of dogs and everyone gave permission to post their pictures, but this guy was the only one that made the cut.

There were many rows of custom cars and souped up hot rods.  We rounded a corner and found more custom stuff from the dark side.

IMG_4854image imageimageimageimageimage

It was a real fun time.  Lots of unique stuff to see.  No one said they had any problem with these pictures either!  Not even the ones from the dark side!

I also must say that I can’t argue with the way these guys think either.image
Always be prepared.

Dave and their pups

These two dogs are real laid back and true companions, a pleasure to be around.  We Had a great time guys thanks.

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