It is early, very early when I wake this morning.

I fixed a pot of coffee and was sitting here thinking.  Lots of stuff has happened in the past couple of years as a FT RVer.  I have resurrected a few old hobbies I used to dabble in and have abandoned others.

One hobby I am having a lot of fun with is taking pictures and learning to use the camera I got a while back.  Now my ability to shoot a good picture is improving slowly as time passes but still there is some help it (that effort) needs from time to time.

I once asked a fellow blogger, Ingrid over at Live Laugh RV, how she does it and found her response helpful and interesting.  She simply said take a lot of pictures and the DELETE key becomes your friend.

Well I tried that a lot at first, but another blogger and RVer I follow wrote a few posts on re-touching pictures using PICASA.  I’m sure you know Al over at the Bayfield Bunch.

The same picture from above with a little work.

Now Both Ingrid and AL are much better photographers than I.  I have tried both approaches and here is how I feel about it.

Yep you CAN try to change the picture with photo editing, but the original picture is what it is/was ALWAYS the real picture.  If you DELETE that original, you have lost the ORIGINAL image forever.  Part of improving my skill as an AMATURE photographer is to KEEP the original pictures.  When I look at them it can help me learn from my past MISTAKES and improve my future pictures.  It seems to be working I think but not quite sure if I am totally there YET.

An untouched original picture – settings: manual

I have found that using the camera in manual mode allows me to really get the best picture now days.  I have learned the correct settings to get the POSITIVE results I desire.  I keep ALL the originals so I can go back and measure progress and adjust as needed.

So now I get up very early and keep all the original pictures.  The real story is an important one to use as a learning and sometimes a TEACHING tool.  (My grand kids have expressed an interest in taking pictures too.)

So to really learn from the past effort it would be:
O Bam 20150106_174336 to delete all the originals.

It is always good to know where you are going and the only way to do that is to know where you have been so I try not to get too carried away with the delete key any more.

Speaking of knowing where we are going and pictures made me think of a great tool for RVers.  Google Earth can really help finding the right camp ahead of time.  It is amazing what you can do with cameras today in order to get an accurate picture of things and really see them as they are.  Google Earth, the SAT images from WAY OUT THERE show some real CLEAR pictures.  Now that is a hell of a camera and there is no need to alter them at all.  I’m sure many of you have seen this one:  (it is also easy to look up on Google Earth)


That is a TRUE picture of where we might have camped over there at Mittry Lake and it was a picture taken from many miles above the earth.  Google Earth can be a great tool for knowing where you will be long before you get there.  That can be very important in finding just the right camp to suit your needs.

A street scene from Google Earth for the above picture, AMAZING

You may recognize the dirt or the bushes so I probably don’t need to tell you this is the street scene from Google Earth for that same campsite shown above.  It is great, in a lot of cases you can know before you go if that is important to you, you can spin that picture and see 360 degrees – amazing stuff.  BUT no matter how you spin it it is what it is.

Pictures can create a bit of DRAMA also.  You can often times, clearly see the DRAMA in a picture.  That can be good and bad.  I’m sure you have seen these good pictures OF Drama:

Her name is Drama and she always has an ear up!

If you read what Drama says, you can learn a lot from her if you really pay attention.  She is a bit unruly and stubborn, needs some training and she is headstrong.  While she is a playful pup and really likes people, she could still be a bit hard to manage, so we decided to pass for now although we really wanted to be friends with DRAMA.

Speaking of the animals in our lives:
The animals in our lives are able to teach us a lot if we listen.  When I was a kid I really liked some of the old shows on TV, they weren’t old then!!!


Take Mr. ED for example, he always seemed to be smarter than the people he hung out with and he often had some words of wisdom for them.  I think it would be wise to let our animals do the talking on a regular basis, sometimes things would be a little more reasonable and easier to understand.

Dogs are smarter than a lot of us give them credit for I think.
take Jose for example:image

So I guess the summary would be to use the delete key very sparingly, take a close look at the originals and be honest about what you see, stay away from drama, and learn from your mistakes.


One final thought about some dogs (considering they are not all the same) and perception of the real picture:


There was once a Dog who used to snap at people and bite them without any provocation, and who was a great nuisance to every one who came to his master’s house. So his master fastened a bell round his neck to warn people of his presence. The Dog was very proud of the bell, and strutted about tinkling it with immense satisfaction. But an old dog came up to him and said, “The fewer airs you give yourself the better, my friend. You don’t think, do you, that your bell was given you as a reward of merit? On the contrary, it is a badge of disgrace.”

Notoriety is often mistaken for fame.

That is how you can get better at shooting straight!

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