Do you like making new friends and staying in touch with your existing friends in the RV community?  There is an App for that.

Around 12 months after we began our FT adventure, RVillage came on the scene.  RVillage is a great App with a growing functionality and rapidly expanding group of members.image
Take a look at what RVillage can do to help you connect and stay connected in the FT Lifestyle.  Here is a list of videos on a number of topics that offer a lot of functionality for ways to use this great resource.

A map showing where members are located relative to your location.

This is a map showing the location of where various members are relative to your location.  You can select a radius for the search and narrow or expand it by up to 250 miles from your location.  Pretty cool huh?  Now honestly we have not had the opportunity to put this to a lot of use yet but I see the value coming up and we are checking it more and more these days.

We will be connecting with Bobbie and Jim, Dan and Bonnie as well as Jim and Sue very soon and rather than bothering each other with a bunch of emails and phone calls trying to figure out where we are, we can watch and see when the right time to call will be.

There are all kinds of groups you can join

There are a bunch of groups on RVillage, almost something for everybody.  You can find RV Tips and Tricks, Beach Bums, Knitters, Craft Beer enthusiasts and on and on and on, 10 pages of groups to explore.

For a more complete overview check out what the folks who helped put it all together say, Chris and Cherie over at Technomadia, they are the real experts.  Chris and Cherie are real easy to reach and seem to be happy to answer any questions on just about anything Tech and RVing, check ‘em out.

Last time I checked RVillage had over 13,000 members, that’s a lot and the number keeps growing.  So if you have not heard of RVillage or you have not logged in for a while, you may want to.  Tell your friends and stay connected.

But you don’t always want your location known

There are times when you don’t want to have a party or be found you say?  That is never a problem, simply don’t update the location info and don’t tell where you are!!  It also helps to not park on the road!  Just having a membership on RVillage does not place an eye in the sky that is keeping tabs on your where-abouts.  Anyway even if it did it is ONLY your friends that would care where you are and if you have no true friends, there should not be a problem.  It is not really hard to be in control of your privacy ever, unless you park on the side of the road.  So don’t let anyone fool you, it is easy to stay in touch or just as easy to go ‘underground’ when ever you want.

Since it is always 5 O’Clock somewhere as Jimmy says, planning a happy hour with your friends where ever you are can be a lot easier these days using RVillage.

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