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These pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4.  Did not really expect to have anything worth taking pictures of here…
On Monday, the day the wheels for the 5er arrived, I headed over to Big O to schedule the work for Tuesday AM.  Wanted to be sure we were all on the same page.image
BLM office Yuma

Then I headed to the local BLM office for a meeting with one of the rangers and to get some insight on a couple of places we are considering till we land in Q.  I have never seen the spots we are thinking about except for what can be seen on Google Earth, which is pretty good.  With an office for BLM close by and some time to fill, it is always a good idea to round out the knowledge by talking to the folks who have had EYES on the areas you plan to pull off the pavement in before you go.

Pottery Shards

I guess there may be a day we un hook the trailer and explore before we pull too far into the bush but if we can avoid that on this trip, great.  Sounds like we can.  So in the morning we will be rolling out of Yuma right after we finish at Big O Tire.  With any luck I will be sipping some bourbon tomorrow afternoon while I watch the day turn to night from a reasonably quiet camp somewhere in the far off.

Now the guys I had contacted at BLM to have this ‘lil meetin’ with were very informative about a few of the areas.  Interesting stuff they do there at the BLM, not sure that I agree with all of it but the guys in the regional offices are just enforcers, they don’t make the rules.  Good guys just doin’ their jobs.

Mining info
Like I say, not sure I agree with it all but mining is part of what they manage.  You can still stake a claim and scratching the dirt yourself for a hobby is a lot different than the big mining operations.  I picked up a piece of paper on that and will be learning more but as I understand it you can on public land stake a claim and search for gold just like the old days.  Of Course there are a lot of huge operations out there but it’s all relative, right?

There is an amazing range of interesting stuff to see out here.
I learned of something that is in this area that I had no idea even existed here in the US till today.  Intaglios, yep Intaglios, oh what are Intaglios you ask?  Just take a look.

As the information above states these large Intaglios are only known to exist in north America in this region and these are over by Blythe.

Tread Lightly
Intaglios just off US 95 north of Blythe
That is way cool beans, the site is just off US 95 north of Blythe and about a 35 mile drive from Quartzite.  I believe I see a plan taking shape!!

To look this up on Google earth was really easy.  Google Earth is a really cool tool with an amazing volume of stuff to see now days.  I remember when there was not nearly the detail or volume of data, pictures etc.

So I vote we go see it one day while we are in Q possibly with our friends that will be there with us.

Sears Point Archaeological Site
Antelope Hill
blm int 5 New Doc 8
These two sites, Sears Point and Antelope Hill, sound like very significant locations as well, actually the entire region is one.  Use by humans probably dates back further than 10,000 years ago and spans many cultures and types of people.  Hunter gatherers, farmers, etc.  The desert is a ‘kind’ place to the artifacts.  You and I pose the big threat, tread lightly and leave what is there in place untouched.  No souvies, once it is gone, it is gone forever.

It is simply awesome to get your head around all the history here.  Cool that we can go to see it still and with care and respect continue to for a long time into the future.

That is the scoop from the BLM office in Yuma.

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