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Tuesday morning – beautifulimage
Tuesday AM rolls around and it is a beautiful morning.  We had exchanged some movies with Dave and Linda and while we were hooking up getting ready to go to Big O we said our good byes and traded back the movies.

Dave had the dogs out and we got to say bye to them too.  A couple of super pups for sure.  Lily was going crazy so she had to say bye also and what do ya know!  When she got out there with everybody she became calm!  We may be making progress.

Molly and Mizzi – saying good bye

Just as we were getting into the truck a hot air balloon flew over.  It had a huge basket, looked like about 15 people hoped out when it hit the ground.  Not sure of that count but it seemed to be more than typical 4 or 5.

Beautiful morning for a balloon ride

Staged and ready for the work at Big O

With the visiting and good bye’s we did end up getting to Big O a lot later than planned but… we are retired. We are flexible, man that feels good to say.  There was a day when… well you know.

Doin’ the wash – for real

Since we were blind sided last week with the unexpected set back of needing new wheels we have piled up a bit of laundry.  While the wheels were being changed out, we actually DID the wash LOL.

Wheels and Laundry was finished at the same time and we rolled.  It sure is good to have everything in ship shape and now to finally be heading into new territory again.

The first of the four wheels is done

Big game weapons

We passed the Yuma Proving Ground and the big guns at the road leading to the base.  Had high hopes of seeing a tank or two running around somewhere in the dirt but didn’t get that lucky today.  Lots of tracks and I am sure some of those are tanks and other heavy equipment.  The really neat toys.

As we made our way up US95 past the YPG, the landscape becomes more dramatic pretty fast.  The agricultural fields are behind us and now it is desert scrub and beautiful rough mountains in the distance on both sides.

Off in the distance the scene reminds us of some parts of Utah that we saw last fall.  Saguaros begin to show up and pretty soon there are a lot of them.  This is sure a beautiful part of the country and we will be parked somewhere out there tonight.  Yipee, there will be four nights of dry camping instead of ten but we will still have a great time at it.
Kofa Mountain Range in the distance

So far it looks like that new radiator did the trick, the cycles on the cooling side of the thermo opening are a lot cooler.  The truck performed very well and we were hauling 70 gallons of fuel along with over 125 gallons of water.  Lots of extra weight, the goal is to not need to deal with that stuff much till we are out of Q.  Part of the time in Q will be in an RV park so water and waste tank management will get back to normal then but we will try to get by in the dry camp and not have to deal with needing more water or dumping tanks.  It’s only for four nights, we’ll see how it goes.

Wednesday morning at the dry campimage

The view to the SW from the dining room window.  It is going to be another beautiful clear Arizona day.  The temp at 6:00AM is 40 degrees, the sun is getting ready for work and I have the coffee brewing.

While the coffee was still cooking a couple walked their Doberman past our site and I just could not resist, Jumped up &  headed out the door and hailed them down.  He was a three year old and such a great dog. Stood there scratching his head like I used to do Toby and man it made me want one real bad.  No picture, I headed out so fast left it right on the table.  Might try to get one tomorrow if they walk the same route.

I’ve been told that from a picture like this (below) it is really easy to determine the exact location of your camp.  Well I’m not THAT good and have to mark the way point in our GPS if there is any hope of finding our way back to camp if we leave.  In fact there are so many other campers here at the Road Runner BLM that I think you could really just hide in plain sight here.image
Another camp on BLM ground, it has been said the exact location can be determined from this picture – don’t know ‘bout that.

Check out the number of campers here in the pictures below.  There are hundreds and yet our site has a wide open feeling and truth is, the closest one is over one hundred yards away.imageimage
And a shot of our campimage
Road Runner BLM Camp

Behind us is a large group of Beaver owners.  To the SE there is a large group of Ham Radio enthusiasts.  There are groups for almost every interest you could imagine.  Last night there was a lot of loud music from over in the Beaver group.  Back in our direction we had our Yamaha Gen running and a neighbor across the way about 150 yards also had his (unknown brand) generator running.  We could not hear the Yahama due to the db level of his!  LOL we were able to hide in plain sight, so to speak.  LOL  All was good, neither the Gens or the Loud Music lasted long.  It is great to be here and to experience this annual event here in the sleepy little town of Quartzite.  Been hearing about it for years, we are really here at last!

A good looking Saguaro close to our camp

I know for sure we will be heading to the Quartzite Yacht Club and likely get a membership.  Of Course we will take in the Big Tent too.  When do we do what,  who knows and who cares.  There are 7 or 8 days to get ‘er done and we plan on savoring each one.

Lily scouting the area

So here we are, there are three days before Jim and Sue arrive up the road in the RV Park.  We are to join them there.  Bobbie and Jim are supposed to roll in but we have not heard details yet.  They are busy planning and collecting stuff for their new condo!  We may be here kicking back or there could be a party that starts any minute.  Either way, we are ready, for now, there is a good book (according to Dave) that I better get started on.

Tomorrow we will probably do a little exploring, or not.  We’ll see how it goes.

The adventure is about to get ramped up again.  ‘bout time!

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