Our last night in the bush was last night.  It was not really ‘in the bush’ like way out in the boonies but it was a great piece of BLM land close to Q.  We had a super time camped there, the pace was a bunch slower and it was very relaxing for a few days.

We are now in Quartzite proper, in a proper RV Park!  Long day but only 7 miles from the dry camp.  Long day due to what?  More unexpected maintenance.image

I think some parts on the rig became jealous of all the attention other parts were getting and they acted up too so they could get a little affection and not be left out.  Or it could be that VOODOO curse still stuck to me!  LOL  The majority of this day was spent on a simple water heater repair.  More on that in a future post.image

I’m bushed but wanted to at least hang the pics from the Roadrunner Camp on here tonight.  I broke out the tripod and did a little camera play last night.  Just beginning to really explore some stuff I have wanted to play with for a while.  This little Canon SX40 can do some neat stuff but I still have a ways to go I think in order to see it’s full capabilities.  Not bad for a little time spent playing.  Too bad there was no full moon last night!  Can’t wait for that.

Tomorrow we run over to the big tent here in Quartzite.  Jim and Sue are here and we’ll be getting together in the morning.  It will be a busy couple of days here then we are taking off in the direction of Phoenix.  More visits with friends that moved to Chandler from St. Louis.  No word from Bobbie & Jim yet??

The pace is picking up.  Stay tuned.

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