The Quartzite RV Show was a real fun time.imageimage
The BIG tent

It is the Woodstock of RV Shows.  RVs parked everywhere in the desert for miles in every direction outside of the little town of Quartzite.  Virtually every street in town has vendors selling stuff.  There are huge RV dealers selling all kinds of RVs from million dollar Motor Homes to Super Light Toy Haulers.  One of the largest dealers has a temporary lot and said they are here for 6 weeks period.  The place has a population of around 3,000 then swells to ?? 500,000 + and then back to 3,000 all within a few weeks every year.

When you go into the BIG TENT, it is like a mega state fair with an emphasis on everything RV and recreation of course.  But there is no shortage of unique stuff like the GLUE that replaces every other kind of glue ever invented before, to a foot bath detox machine selling for $1,700.oo that is very shaky and shady when you start to research and make a close investigation of the claims.

Just exactly like a state fair, there are food vendors with some real ‘good’ vittles.  HUGE corndogs, wood fired pizza, ginormous ice cream cones, cinnamon rolls and way more.  All way over priced but damned good and damned bad for you!  That is what makes it fun, yea?

We had a great time hanging out with Sue and Jim and taking in the show, our first time here in Quartzite.  Thanks a bunch for showing us around guys, we had a blast.

Bobbie and Jim Chapman arrived but when we heard from Bobbie we found out  she was recovering from the flu that she got from Jim, it is always nice to share!  Bobbie needed to rest up for another day before going to the show and that means we will not see them on this trip.  Bummer but we sure hope the additional day of R&R got you back to normal Bobbie.  See you again probably next year!

We wrapped up the day and the next morning went to see those archeological sites… Remember the Intaglios?  Well they are cool stuff for sure and worth a trip.

North of Blythe, the Intagliosimage
Beautiful area north of Blythe, CA
I found out about these during a meeting with the folks at the Yuma BLM office a few days ago.  We headed up to Blythe today to see them:

The Geoglyphs/Intaglios are best seen from above and these couple of images from Google Earth clearly show what we went to see today.  You can’t drive up to them and the walk from parking to the fenced area protecting each figure ranges from 50 to 100 yards +/- and is an easy walk.  I could not drive to them so I was not even able to stand in the bed of the truck to get a better vantage point for a picture.  But I did try…
Image from Google Earth – Blythe Intaglios
The beast waiting on the trailimageimageimageimageimage

The area is stunning with a rough landscape of rocky Mountains both to the east and west.  The Colorado River is to the east of the Geoglyphs/Intaglios.


The road is somewhat rough, not really bad buy you would be safest in a high clearance vehicle.  We drove about a mile in and walked up to four of the fenced in areas protecting the figures.  From our vantage point we could see quite a number of fenced areas on many of the flat tops in the valley.  The sun was straight up and beginning to heat us up pretty good.  We were also getting hungry and wanted to get to the Quartzite Yacht Club for a late lunch.  We decided we had already gotten a very good look at what was here and since we could not get an elevated view, why go to all of them just to see the same stuff.  I do not mean to imply it was not worthwhile, quite the contrary, it was/is fascinating.  I’m not sure if I believe they are just OLD or VERY VERY OLD.  What do you think?  Either way it is amazing in many ways to think about.  Amazing we can still see them regardless of how many centuries old they are.

The Quartzite Yacht Clubimage
The story of the Quartzite Yacht Club
For a few minutes it felt like an old familiar place, then we went back out to the truck and the boating memories faded quickly.  Got the scoop on the 40’ Sea Ray Cruiser out back, it is one of the hotel rooms!!image

The food: Clam chowder was great, if you want really good value on the rest, go to Grubstake they have my vote, but the Yacht Club was fun and unique.

This was our last day in Q and we roll in the morning.  We will be back to see things we missed.  Will we come back for the RV Show?  Who knows, today I say no unless we need something and it is not way out of the way.  We have experienced it and it was fun.  We would come back if a group of friends were getting together here and we were close enough to join or if we planned around that.  It is a must see at least once, we did, it was a hoot.

We missed the Reader’s Oasis Bookstore and the Desert Bar while were in Quartzite but we will be back passing through or for the show sometime.

Now it is time to pack up and head east, over toward Phoenix then down to Tucson.  We decided that we will find a dry camp now for four nights and get some rest from the past few days!!!

That’s it for now, Remember TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.com