The BLM area behind our rig
Lots of rigs everywhere you look.

Our very spacious camp, that is Ironic

We headed to Quartzite to get fuel for the generator today.  Had to show Rhonda the Quartzite Yacht Club.  There’s no navigable water around here for many miles, as they say, Long time NO SEA.

Well as we tooled around town I began seeing more, and thinking.  That can always be dangerous, (the thinking part).
Saw this shop
Now this one is a good ol’ fashioned double dare Irony!
Yup, it’s a rock shop!  There were a few people in there buying ROCKS!


It is a ROCK shop, selling ROCKS to a bunch of people who are SURROUNDED BY ROCKS out here in the desert that’s full of ROCKS!
No shortage of ROCKS
And you are thinking where is this double dare Irony?
They THINK they have a hope in hell of

Now here’s what I THINK…image.png

Selling ALL the rocks sure would change the landscape around here though.

Another ROCK shop
Actually it is a triple Irony ‘cause there is no shortage of rock shops selling ROCKS to those people camped in large fields of ROCKS!
No I’m not going to edit the above double, triple…..deal with it!

There are tents and shops everywhere.  People selling stuff and people buying stuff.  It is very ironic that so much stuff is bought here!
There is even a GINAORMOUS tent where you can buy a LOT more Stuff!!

The people that come here to buy STUFF are mostly in some kind of RV.  I believe if you ask them about their stuff, some will say they got rid of it.  Others will say if they buy something they have to get rid of something ‘cause there is no room for a lot of STUFF.

I’m sure there is a place where snowbirds go, somewhere up north for a huge mega big garage sale to unload all the old stuff in order to have room for the new stuff they pick up when they come here.  It’s ironic that it has got to be a huge garage sale but I’ve never heard of where or when it takes place!

Well when we got home, Rhonda started digging in her jewelry box.  She came out with a mood ring she had forgotten was in there.

imageFuzzy picture of the mood ring

Well that ol’ rock in the mood ring still works.  Don’t know how but it changes color with her mood.  The Irony is that it does work but since we no longer have the paperwork, we don’t have a damned clue as to what mood she is in when it changes color!

By now I’m sure you agree there IS a lot of Irony in the desert.

Take BLM ground for example
I have even heard of someone who actually believes it is possible to find a totally private camp on public ground.  That IS ironic!

Having a great time observing the Ironies in Quartzite, January 2015.

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