Surrounded by the unmistakable symbol of the great
American Southwest

Saguaros everywhere like a forest.  All kinds of shapes and sizes in every direction.  Ya gotta love the look.imageimageimageimageimage

It is a quiet and peaceful camp, great for getting some needed R&R from all the roaming endless isles and vendor tents in Quartzite.  We are glad we went and now glad to have these four days to just be still.  The Pinal County campground has a few Ramada’s with fire pits and picnic tables.  Not much else and they started charging $10.oo per night which is OK but there is not even a dump station.  $5.oo would be a bit more realistic when there are other options for three nights @ $15.oo with FHU 30 miles away.  Oh well it is a peaceful camp like I said.image
Covered Tables at out campsite

Taking it easy here is… easy.  Cranked up some Willie Nelson on the Bose music machine yesterday and grilled some salmon and burgers while I had a few Mich Ultras.  Lily kept an eye on the truck to make sure it didn’t leave without us!


We are chillin’ – literally.  Day one was nice and warm, day two not so much.  That big winter storm rolling in has kept the temps today right in the mid to low 60s.  Good for staying inside and reading a book or writing a blog post!  Rhonda got busy and started poking around on some rescue sites and it did not take long, she found Wendal.  We nudged ourselves and what do you know…

As you may already know we are headed to Truth or Consequences, NM and expect to be there By Feb 1.  We are going to try to get there a couple of days early and head to Las Cruces, NM on 1/31/2015 to meet and hopefully come home with Wendal.  He is a Min-Pin/Chihuahua mix.  After a conversation with the folks who are fostering him, it sure sounds like there could be a good fit.  He stands about as high as Lily and he is a pup.  Lots of indications that all will work out well.

Our recent poking around caused us to re-connect with Midwest Doberman Rescue back in St. Louis.  Looks like DRAMA has been adopted which is great to hear.  She sure looks like she will be someone’s good dog.

There is a new guy that has shown up there at the shelter, MAX.  It is really hard for me to look at him, he looks exactly like Toby, man I wish… 
Max sounds like he needs someone to show him they can be nice to him again.  The things that happen to some of these dogs is simply horrible and if we were in a sticks and bricks I know we would have Max at home with us in a heartbeat.  Read about Max here and if you know anyone near St. Louis that wants a great dog, this guy could really be a super very loyal pal.  Good luck Max.

Anyway, we sure are looking forward to meeting Wendal.

The burgers and salmon were done and we migrated inside as the air began to chill.  But before we headed in the show began and I was able to get a couple of pictures from behind the rig.imageimage

That’s it for now from the camp west of Casa Grande.

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