Friends, Joyce and Mark from St. Louis moved to Chandler, AZ last July.  When we caught up with the news a few months ago plans were made to connect on this trip through and we did that today.

We go back a few years and at one time Joyce and I were co-workers selling direct mail advertising for a division of Realtor.com, Welcome Wagon!  It was a hoot and always a great time until the company decided they were going to sell the division… Some of you know the story I’m sure, comp plan changes and poof the good times are over.  Move on and make some new luck somewhere else!  Can’t blame them, they divested just prior to the bursting of the real estate bubble in 2008.  Anyway for the preceding three or four years we had a very competitive but cohesive sales team that consistently accomplished some remarkable objectives.  Those were fun times with lots of good memories.J&M 4  I was not really good at taking a lot of pics, we were having way too much fun.
We hung out on the patio next to the infinity pool catching up and reminiscing about the old days.  Lots of talk about our former co-workers and team mates and who is where doing what these days.

There was some talk from the group on Facebook about a possible reunion of sorts.  It would be fun to have a huge get together.  Hummm I have an idea, all you guys out there, Gretchen, Greg, Cindy, Teresa and the rest, sell everything and buy an RV…  We’ll all meet up somewhere in the desert and have a REAL PARTY!!!  AND we could then rendezvous anywhere in the country we chose any time we want!!!  But seriously, it would be a neat thing to do if it could be pulled off?

So as we continue down the trail, it is always cool to have the opportunity to re-connect with old friends and get all caught up as well as remember the ‘good old days’.  Joyce and Mark, we had a great day, thank you for taking the time to have us over to your place and hang out a while.

Lily was a good girl
On the way over we told Lily that she was going to make new friends and she had to get ready!  She seemed to listen really well and when we arrived at Mark and Joyce’s house – she was good.  None of the wild excitement, she was a calm well behaved dog.image
We talked about it and she was good…image
WOW Lily is being submissive!
Trixie and Maddy were great hosts and Lily demonstrated social skills never seen before!  We may have turned the corner.

Time to eat – Organ Stop Pizzaimage
There is a one of a kind place in Mesa, AZ, Organ Stop Pizza.  The place is, well like I said one of a kind.  The centerpiece is the huge Wurlitzer organ.  It was originally built for the Denver Theater and installed in 1927, by the 1930’s things had changed and the organ fell silent until the 1970’s.  Today it has been not only restored but greatly expanded and from a  mechanical standpoint it is an amazing thing to see.  The Pizza is not bad either, so if you are passing through the Phoenix area and want to see something unique, take the time to go to Organ Stop, you will probably not regret it.image

By the way, there is another unique thing to see nearby also.  Kind of a human interest story as well as a collection of novelties, the Dwarf Car Museum.  We did not hear about till we were ready to pull out of that last dry camp over in the Pinal county park but it looks very interesting and we have it on the list for stops next time through.  There are some real neat things out here and even when you are going slowly it’s easy to miss some of them.

Bye Joyce & Mark – See you again next time through

Next stop – somewhere close to Tucson to see (some of) the kids.

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