Yesterday after a great time hanging out with Joyce and Mark, we felt like we were going to just chill out today and pass on the Dwarf Car Museum.  That thinking changed this morning after a few cups of coffee and a little bit of looking at all the grey clouds overhead.  It just seemed like a better idea to take a ride and see this cool sounding very unique place.
So that is what we did.image
The Dwarf Car Museum and shop

On a dirt road in an out of the way spot in the desert about 40 miles west of Casa Grand is an unassuming Garage that holds some real treasures and a fascinating couple of guys shaping and forming scale replicas of some really cool old cars.

A very nice warm fire

The minute you walk into the door, on a cold winter day like today, you instantly get the feeling that the drive was for sure worth the trip.  The warm glow from a robust fire in the wood burning stove, actually two of them, is adding considerably to the already neat down to earth atmosphere that is pretty thick inside the museum.  Ernie and Darrel were working away on a couple of new creations for the collection.

Creations is the best way to characterize what goes on in here, everything about these cars is a one of a kind fabricated work of art built from scratch using sheet metal and a lot of it is re-purposed.  In fact Ernie’s first Dwarf car was built from nine old refrigerators!  How cool is that?

image image
Two ‘NEW’ cars being created!

Rhonda wants one of these on the rack with the electric bike!

This one was nine old refrigerators before Ernie got them reshaped


Great care is taken to duplicate in miniature the original vehicle.  The results are awesome.  Every car is a working miniature replica and is street legal.  Ernie says he drive one everyday and there is one that has over 90,000 miles!  Top end is over 100 MPH.  They are REAL cars, just small versions of the original.



Jim and Sue emailed a note to us after we left Quartzite and filled us in on this cool attraction.  Thanks for the heads up, it was a very worthwhile stop.

There are sure a lot of neat things to discover all over the place out here.  Glad we decided to check this one out today and not wait till next time through.