The camp at Catalina SP

On Thursday morning we left Catalina SP in Tucson after a great couple of days of hanging out with the kids.  We woke to a heavy cloud cover and the rain began soon after we were rolling.  The clouds and rain did not ease until Saturday afternoon.

Before long we were in New Mexico

Our goal was to return to the rest area at Eastbound MM53 for the night on Thursday.  This rest area is more like a campground than a rest area and perfect for a quick overnight stop.  With just a little road and train noise to contend with and on this trip we had the added ambiance of rain on the roof, it was a good nights sleep.  The site is level and you don’t even need to un hitch.  Makes for a fast overnight and a lot of miles can be behind you that way.  Wendal was waiting and we were getting very anxious.

The Rest Stop at MM53 eastbound I-10

With an early start on Friday AM we decided to roll on into TorC and get set up at Riverbend Hot Springs, take in a soak then get ready to go to meet Wendal in Las Cruces.  It was still raining when we pulled into TorC.  More rain than we have seen in a few years!!

Rounded the corner and there is Riverbend Hot Springs

The introduction of Wendal

Tails were waggin’ faster than the shutters were clickin’.  Turns out Wendal is not quite a year old and he is a very laid back easy going little guy just as he was described to us.  Lily and he hit it off from the start and this is a done deal,  Wendal has a new home.  Hope he likes to travel!

The first stop after we left the Rescue

Rhonda and Lily went shopping while Wendal and I watched from a distance!  He is a very calm and well behaved pup for being so young.  Very alert and curious but also very eager to please.


It is Saturday and the sun is beginning to peak through the clouds.  I think today and tomorrow will be very laid back and provide a good opportunity to get to know this little guy before we start work Monday.  Glad we made the push yesterday and got all set up, I’m still tired from the 300+ miles in the rain though.

Our experience with Pet Rescue is once again a very positive one and we salute the folks who do so much to help these animals find homes.  There are many hours of volunteer work that are devoted to the care for these animals.  It’s simply a great way to get a super pet and keep one from being put down just because there are too many.

We found an app that you can put to use for fundraising and helping Rescue orgs across the country and it costs you nothing!  Check out TAKE YOUR WALK FOR A DOG.  Just think of what the impact would be if just every RVer were to sign up and log the miles they hike for their favorite rescue shelter.

Anyway, Like I said I am tired.  Going to chill out and get to know my new pal.

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