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When a few days pass between posts it seems there is a lot to get caught up on.  That is the case tonight, we have already been here for over a week and a lot has been going on here.

It is hard to come up with a title for tonight’s post as there is more to tell on each of these three topics, friends, dogs and work!  So…. all I could come up with was Just an updateimage
The view from RV site 2, Riverbend Hot Springs and Turtle Back Mountain

We have been here at Riverbend Hot Springs for one week and two days!  Time flies.  We started working the third day we were here and we work 3 days on and three days off so today was our fourth work day.  That is a great schedule, 3 on and 3 off.  It is a real job in the sense that you are working a  full day and it carries some responsibility and accountability for all aspects of the smooth operation of both front end and back end operations of a hospitality business.

imageMinnow is still in charge!

There are new reservation systems and many more ‘clicks’ to get the job done, but overall much is the same as before.  Learning the new systems presents a bit of a learning curve that is more of an aggravation than a real problem.  Glad the boss will be with us for Valentines day when we are scheduled!  That one is going to be over the top busy.

So with the additional learning and concentration required, we/I am tired.  Loving it and really like Riverbend in every way but I’m tired.  Hope to be back in the swing with the learning curve behind me by the end of this, the second three day stint.

That is the update on the ‘job’.

Nap time

The dogs: as you know we now have Wendal.  When we found him on line we thought he was 11 months old, he is 9 months old.  When we found him on line we thought he was completely house trained, he is almost house trained.  When we found him on line we thought he was crate trained, he is kind of used to a crate.  When we found him on line we thought he would be a great pup to add to our family, we were right.

Wendal has quickly become our great lil’ new best friend.

Tug of war

There are times when Wendal’s ‘puppy energy’ gets on the Lil’s nerves and times when Lily thinks he should walk 10 or more feet from anything she thinks is hers (she can be quite possessive of her stuff) but overall they are building a great relationship.  Wendal is submissive and Lily is the alpha ‘boss’ dog.  It’s kind of a hoot sometimes as Wendal is a little taller than her and to see her boss him… yup you get it.

There is every indication they will grow to be great pals and it is so good to see that we were not wrong on that.  Wendal is already a different dog than when we picked him up just over a week ago.  Smart and he is really learning quickly.

Great friends Dan and Bonnie

Now this is the last but by no means the least of this update!  In fact I saved this for last because there is more to the story and I will tell it in a future post real soon.

It’s been said before but here it is again: you meet some of the nicest folks in the FT RV lifestyle and Dan and Bonnie are a great example!  For all of the folks out there planning to become FT RVers and wondering about making or keeping friends on the road, don’t worry.

We met Dan and Bonnie for the first time on Halloween weekend of 2010.  They were camp hosting at Cuiver River State Park in Troy MO.  We had a brief conversation about FT and Volunteering as Camphosts.  We followed that with another visit the next day at their host site and we’ve been friends since.  At that time Rhonda and I were still working and planning/hoping to become FT RVers but had no idea of when we would be able to really do it.  Well that was the start of a new friendship that has lasted across the months and miles.  We have seen Dan and Bonnie about three times since that first meeting and have stayed in touch over the internet.  We knew they would be near Alamogordo while we are here at Riverbend and we were looking very much forward to seeing them during that time…


Dan and Bonnie are in TorC and they came over to se us here at RB, we headed out to lunch.  They will be here for a few more days and we will be getting together.  I will be devoting a future post (soon) to the friendships made ‘out here’ as full timers and will tell more about these great folks, Dan and Bonnie and how they helped us understand the opportunities available for workampers in the FT RV lifestyle.

But the most important take away is that the friendships made ‘out here’ are unique, real and lasting.  We are fortunate to have been able to add Dan and Bonnie to the growing list of true friends we have made as RVers.

More to come on that story in the next post…

Wendal watching

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