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Lily and Wendal have become good buds.

Time flies when you’re having fun, yep that is the ol’ saying and it is true.  We are fast approaching the mid point of our stay here.  That is very hard to believe.  We have been having fun and it also has been ‘work’.  This time we are working the afternoon/evening shift.  Our hours are from 2:30 till 10:30 and that has taken some time to adjust to, actually I think we are still adjusting.

We’ve spent lots of time paying attention to Wendal and getting him settled in and it is paying off.  He is still a young energetic pup but quickly becoming a solid part of our crew.  It is great to see Lily and Wendal chase each other and play like they do now, their bond is growing stronger now every day.  He is confined to the pen when we are working and time will tell if that will change or not.  Like I said he is still a pup so we’ll see.

Friends Dan, Bonnie and Cisco

Dan & Bonnie, our friends from back in MO are now into their routine and schedule over at White Sands National Monument.  The plan is to head over that way in early April and see a bit more of White Sands than we did last year, it was a rainy, cold, windy day when we went before and we arrived late in the day.  This time we will have an added benefit of tour guides who are working there.  Looking forward to seeing Dan and Bonnie again before we all head to different parts of the country.

Meanwhile, we are plugging along and doing the stuff you do when you are waiting for winter to pass.  Tax time and the empty rental property back in St. Louis, along with getting all the maintenance costs behind us are much of our focus right now.  We intend to be back to debt free by the time we get to Oregon in June.  We’ll see how that goes.  Thanks again to everyone who shops Amazon from our blog, it all helps.

The weather here has not been real cold however there have been just a few nights when temps did get below 30.  We had snow once in Feb but for the most part it has been highs in the 60s / lows in the 40s.

The popularity of Riverbend Hot Springs continues to grow but we still have many opportunities to soak and enjoy the springs.  It is a great place to be this time of year.

Cable TV is part of our FHU benefit here and having it is a double edged sword.  It is easy to pass (waste) many hours watching programming that is marginally valuable while you hope something more worthwhile pops up as you channel surf.  The big benefit of all that is the confirmation that it is not worth paying for at all and when we leave here, if we don’t have TV, we will not really be missing much.  We already know that but it is not a bad thing to have a solid reminder once in a while.

In a few days we will have a visit here with full timers Steve and Leslie who we met in Colorado last summer.  They are booked for three nights here in one of the RV spots and will be in their new motor home they purchased after leaving Colorado last year.  Looking forward to seeing them and hanging out together while they are here.  I think it is safe to say we will not have any Trout on the campfire this time but we will come up with a comparably good plan I’m sure.

The feast – fresh Trout from Shadow Mountain Lake

So that is the story, much like just a ‘normal’ routing anywhere.  Sticks & Bricks or FT RV living.  For us it seems the pattern will be a real slow go during the winter months and more adventure in the summer.  I will need to begin planning our trip to Oregon soon and that should be an interesting project for sure.  We will be going to South Dakota for Medical check ups etc. on the way.  I have looked at the map a few times and have yet to decide on the east/west route from Rapid City to Portland.  There are a few options and a decision will need to be made soon, any suggestions?

Well that is it for now, stay tuned and thanks for hanging in there with us.  The adventure is on a slow roll right now but in a few weeks, the travels will get things really ramped back up on the excitement meter once again.