The ‘kids’ chilling out…

Yep, another report on our ‘new’ little buddy.  Just can’t help it, I have to say he is a great little guy.  We really did luck out, he has none of the baggage from being abused or neglected, at least not to the extent that it made a lasting impression on him.  So in many ways it has been easy for him transitioning to our place as his home.  The really amazing part is that he is so good with Lily.  At first and for the first three to four weeks they played a little, she let him know when it was enough and that was pretty quick.  Now they play really hard really often.  He has been very good for her and has taught her how to play and be a dog.  Lily is the one who had the baggage and has blossomed with Wendal here.  Rhonda gets the credit for most all of the training and she has done and continues to do a great job on that.  The other thing with Wendal is that he is OUR dog not Rhonda’s or mine and that has had an effect on Lily also.  Lily has been mostly Rhonda’s dog till Wendal came along, now she and Wendal trust and respond equally to both of us.

Yep, I say we really lucked out this time.  All our critters have been special and for their own unique characteristics and personalities but Wendal is just a special guy that possesses a lot of those qualities that do truly make him, well special.

Fixing stuff

Life happens out here just like in a sticks and bricks, the difference is most of that stuff can be dealt with in a more direct and lower cost way that the old days.  Stuff breaks but when it does, I can’t let it sit and I have a (compulsive) need to get it fixed fast.  Drives me nuts for a day or two to pass with almost anything that should be working and is not.  The latest is a simple lamp bracket in the fridge:

A few days ago when we opened the fridge the light was not on.  Problem was the lamp was not burnt out, it flickered when I touched the lens.  A quick inspection revealed the tabs that hold the lamp in place were broken.

Failed lamp bracket.

Well that kind of stuff, I just can’t let sit.  I opened the laptop and the first place I looked was Amazon.  A quick search of ‘Norcold Parts’ and to my surprise the very first thing on the resulting list was the lamp bracket, Amazon had it.  Our prime membership would have it to us in two days with no shipping cost.  DONE and wow that was fast, less than 10 minutes.

We are over 100 miles from a store that may even have the possibility of having this in stock, so Amazon thank you again.  We saved a lot of hassle and time again by simply checking Amazon first.

New lamp bracket and the fridge is no longer dark.

So after just a couple of days the part rolled in via UPS and with about 10 minutes spent with a flash light in one hand and a screw driver in the other, the fix was complete and we can see what is in the far reaches of the formerly dark corners of the fridge again!

It is a great thing to have the rig in great shape and all the big maintenance issues freshly behind us as we head into summer.  Tires, radiator, wheels, etc.  The small stuff is no sweat and we are almost back to $ 0.oo on the balances we owe on those big ticket items.  Looking forward to the summer and early fall with only oil changes and preventive maintenance ahead of us.

We are having a great time being really laid back here in TorC and letting the remaining days of winter pass by slowly as we work and relax.  I have been watching way too much news though and obviously a lot the stuff going on in the world today is disturbing.  I am beginning to look forward to not having this easy connection to TV again when we roll.  My mood and temperament will dramatically improve I’m sure.

It looks like our friends Jim and Sue have recently entered the community of Full Time RV Bloggers.  You may want to check them out here, I have also added a link to their adventures on the sidebar.

We’re counting the days till friends visit and now it sounds like Steph and K may be heading this way mid to late April.  Steve and Leslie arrive here in two days, we are going to become more active than we have lately.  We will be heading over to White Sands soon to connect with Bonnie and Dan.  Stay tuned, some adventures are about to be added to the books I’m sure.

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