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We met Steve & Leslie last summer in Colorado while we were camp hosts at Green Ridge Campground.  You may remember the visit from Erin & Johnny and granddaughters Cybil & Ryleigh.

The Greenridge Camp – Steve & Leslie next doorimageimage
The FEAST – Fresh Trout on the open fire

Steve & Leslie had pulled in the day before and the FHU site next to us was open.  They asked for a site and I pointed out the FHU opportunity and that was the beginning of our friendship.  We had a whole lot of trout that had been recently caught in Shadow Mountain lake and invited them to join us for a cook out.  We had a great time and in a few days the kids headed on up to the Black hills.  Steve and Leslie pulled out a couple of days later.

Saying good bye – Steve & Leslie are ready to roll

Well that was July of 2014.  We stayed in touch and followed their blog and sent a few emails from time to time.  Our contact remained consistent and the time came that our paths were going to cross reasonably close and a plan to get together was hatched last fall/winter.

Somewhere between leaving Colorado and Florida they had changed their digs.  A move from a Class C to Class A diesel pusher.  Quite a nice rig with some really neat features.  Now take a look at where they have been in less than a year in the new rig:

Now that is a lot of rolling in 8 months!

Fast forward to now.  Steve and Leslie arrived in TorC at Riverbend Hot Springs just past noon on 3/18.  After getting set up in their site, we all headed to the springs for a soak.  With the next few days off we were ready for some fun.

Steaks and Salmon on the grill

Fun is what we had the whole time they were here.  Steve grilled some great steaks and we tossed a couple of salmon filets into the mix – we had a fantastic meal.  Next evening it was lobster tails and a bit more salmon with baked potatoes.

Steve had a project in mind and it was great fun helping him gather the parts and helping him build a 50 amp tester for the power pedestal for RV electrical connections.

50 amp tester

We headed to the Chloride Ghost Town and toured the Pioneer Store Museum.  For lunch we decided to get some grub at the Chloride Bank Café.

Lunch at the Chloride Bank Cafe


This was our third visit to Chloride and it is so interesting and so full of ‘stuff’  it was just as fun and worthwhile as the first visit.  If you are in the area and have an interest in the this part of the old west history, this is the real deal and will not disappoint.  The drive to Chloride from TorC is a fun and easy trip with great views of the surrounding mountains.  We passed through Winston, NM on the way and just before you enter Chloride.  The Winston General Store is another very worthwhile stop.  Lots of cool stuff in the store.

We returned to Riverbend and soaked some more.  We fixed those Lobster tails and had some wine and another soak later in the evening.  Great times with friends you meet in the FT RV Lifestyle.  Doesn’t get much better than this.
Bye for now – looking forward to our paths crossing again

And before we knew it, it was time for them to continue on their journey.  Sounds like we will most likely be connecting again and possibly for a couple weeks up there in Oregon this summer.

Steve & Leslie we had a truly great time and can’t believe how quickly your visit passed.  Safe travels and we look forward to crossing paths again soon.


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