Well folks, it’s been a while hasen’t it.

We are plugging along making plans and then life happens.


You may remember last summer when we were in Colorado.  I did not handle the altitude well at all.  Things seemed to be much better when we left altitude and winter passes with us in SOCAL.


When we finished the route to New Mexico things seemed to be great.  I was a bit short of breath but that improved after about a week.  The alt in TorC is just short of 5,000 ft.

We carried on and Easter rolled around.  I had what I thought were allergies and finally went to the hospital.  BAM, the SHTF.
Long story short, I am in the hospital as I write this, best part of two weeks.  Penumonia almost took me out.  The CT scan shows I have Pulmonary Fibrosis.  Not good at all.

So our plan is to head back to MO and tuck the rig into a safe spot on my brother-inlaw’s farm.  Connect with Healthcare at KU Medical center and see what we can make our future look like for the next few years.
My optimistic view is that we will resume the adventure next fall and winter in the gulf Coast or FL. and return to KU Med annually till my time is up.

This next 6 months will have me making many changes and trying lots of stuff to minimize the effects of this condition.  So while I never considered writing about my health on the blog, I am finding myself open to the idea for now.  The hope is that someone else can benefit from some of the many challenges we will be overcoming.

My wife Rhonda is the primary source for my positive outlook and determination to be very proactive in the effort to deal with this.  Thank you baby I would not be able to do it without you.

We have made some great friends out here on the road.  We do hope to see all of you folks more and again in the future.  Keep the shinny side up and stay in touch.

Thanks for tagging along with us.
As we get settled in May I will be back.  For now, that is the story.
More later