Getting stronger everyday
Well it has now been 16 days since the emergency room visit.  Twelve of those days were spent in the hospital in Albuquerque.  Each day that passes now I can feel a significant improvement in my strength and it appears my SP02 (oxygen saturation) levels are trending up slightly.  The double Pneumonia really almost got me.  They said I was very close to being placed on a ventilator.  YIKES

Juniper Springs FL

We are staying here in TorC till May 4 so I can continue to heal, we can go to El Paso for TX drivers licenses (changing our domicile) and to have an inverter installed in the truck.

It looks as though I may need to be on oxygen full time from now on.  In order to do that I will need to be able to roll with an oxygen concentrator to avoid dealing with a large number of oxygen tanks that would be required without the concentrator.  A rather large cost item but we also hope to get back on the road in the fall/winter, so it should pay off.  For now the immediate hurdle to cross is making the trip back to MO.

Amish in Tightwad MO

So we are here (www.riverbendhotsprings.com) and I have to say it is a blessing that we are here for sure.  Jake and his family are not only the best folks a Workamper could ever hope to be employed by but they are kind and caring also.

Riverbend Hot Springs

I encourage anyone who is looking for a great gig to contact Jake and check out this opportunity, If you are lucky enough to become part of the team for a few months of your year, you will not regret it and you probably will plan your travels around being here a few months each year.  Seriously, it is at an altitude that results in temps being not too hot and not too cold and the hot springs are unbeatable.  The history is diverse and very interesting.  Restaurants are abundant and never disappoint.  The customers are very friendly and the job is simply fun.  Again, I encourage anyone interested to contact Jake.

A new tone for the blog
So while we do hope to get back to our travels in the fall/winter it seems like the best thing to do with this thing is to keep it going.  Speaking of keeping it going, I will not allow this condition to stop me if I can exert any control over it myself at all.  My plan is to aggressively and obsessively convert my food intake to nothing but healthy.  What that means is juicing copious amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits daily.  I also will be eliminating a bunch of stuff I used to eat all the time, burgers & fries no more.  No bread or baked goods at all going forward.

The Farm

With help from one of the Pulmonary Therapists at the hospital, I have learned a lot about the potential benefits of enzyme therapy in treating PF.  I am aggressively applying that now.  I also continue to search for what is available and found a very recent article about a bit of research at Yale medical school.  The information is encouraging and my hope is to live long enough for a cure to become available.  I made a call to the pharmaceutical co in Boulder, CO and spoke with the CFO.  He told me they were planning to have this in front of the FDA within a 12 months and clinical trials may start shortly thereafter.

My brother in-law Kendall

Seems like I took a turn there, back to the direction for the blog: I do plan to keep it going, my vision is that while we are parked at the farm, the adventure continues.  My home town is also 30 or so miles from the farm.  There are a lot of things to see and do in that part of the country just like everywhere else.  Between visits to the DRs and treatment what ever that becomes, I plan to live as much a normal life as possible.  So there will be a continuation of the adventure I assure you.  It will also be rewarding to spend some time with old friends and family during the time we are there.  While the change in direction will place a slightly different tone to the story, it should still be interesting and I will try to keep it so.  There will be lots of good times with lots of good and interesting people and places to tell about.  So hopefully you will stay with us. as we continue on our path.

As with this post I believe I will occasionally insert random pictures from places we have been during the past three years.  it will be good to revisit the memories.

A word of thanks
At this point I believe that is a fair update and review of the plan.  I would be remiss if I were to not acknowledge and express my gratitude to those who shop on Amazon and take the time to get there by clicking on the links on this blog.  The purchases you make by doing that provide a few dollars for us and cost you nothing except the time to click through this site.  The commissions add up and really do help and now more than ever we can sure use the few bucks to help with additional medical costs.  So a sincere heartfelt thank you to all the folks who shop Amazon from here.