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A quick update today.


Got the inverter installed on the truck today.  Called Starlight Solar in Yuma for help and advice.  It was a great experience.  We discussed how and why I wanted to incorporate a solenoid and to be sure the proper wire size, fuse and inverter was being selected I received the top notch assistance I expected.
A local mechanic Toby, did the install for me and his work was perfect.  If you are ever needing mechanical work here in TorC, look up Toby at the Shipping Corner/Corner Laundry.  He has a number of businesses and the mechanic work is a part of it.  He is top notch.

So what did I get?  The inverter is a 600 watt pure sine.  The O2 concentrator is 300 watts.  I chose to include a solenoid in order to have power to the inverter only when the truck is running.  Otherwise the inverter would have had to be turned on and off every time it is used or if left on (forgotten) the batteries on the truck could be drained.  This configuration will never leave us stranded.  I will always have tanks but having the concentrator in the truck… many fewer tanks will be needed.


So the install is complete and everything works perfectly.  One step closer to the trip to Concordia.
Next thing to get done on Tuesday is a trip to El Paso to get TX Drivers Licenses.  We plan to stop in Hatch for lunch at the great little Mexican restaurant we found by accident last year.
While I prepare to leave here the little voice in my head keeps reminding me that we I may never see this place again.  I stop and scan the horizon, burning the memory in my mind of the views, mountains and desert that surround this cool little one of a kind place.  The shops and restaurants and Ralph Edwards Park, of course the resort, Riverbend Hot Springs.  There will continue to be changes and the place will evolve.  It was just three weeks ago that we had been planning a return trip next winter.  I am glad we were able to be here the two times we have been.

It’s amazing how everything can change so fast.  Equally amazing that Rhonda and I can adjust and adapt so quickly.  We simply have a complete new direction and all the details are now nailed down.  We have always been a ‘get ‘er done’ couple.  We make a great team for sure, always have right from the start.  Rhonda makes me complete and without her I would not be who I am.  I am so lucky and very grateful.

imageWendal being Wendal

imageLily & Wendal

Lily needs a new doo.  On our run to El Paso we plan to drop Lily off for a trim.  She is beginning to look a lot like that character from the Adams Family, thing or was it IT?

So that is the scoup from here.  Feeling better each day.  The O2 saturation drops quite a bit with exertion but with a few minutes of rest, it comes right back up.  If the condition can be held in place, I can do this.

Stay with us, this adventure is far from over.

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