We took the drive to El Paso for our Drivers Licenses on Tuesday, again on Wednesday and a third time on Thursday.  Yep 600 miles total Ouch!

I made the mistake of carrying the oxygen into the License office.  That required a driving test.  Rhonda got hers and was done in less than 15 minutes.  I on the other hand had to submit to the scrutiny of the examiner which included the truck.  We had received the plates and left them home.  That required a return trip on Wednesday.  The parking poles were set up for the typical size of vehicle that are predominant today and my truck only fit with about a foot on each end once in the space between the poles.  On Wednesday I touched the pole in front.  FAIL.  I was then told I would be required to return early Thursday to try again.

So back in TorC, I roamed around town looking for opportunities to practice.  I did a lot of that.  Next morning I did arrive early and practiced in their space bounded by the poles.  Five times and never touched, I was ready.

WOW that is a lot of space.
But it is not if you are supposed to park a real truck in it!

The young lady that was my driving examiner made a comment about the crowd watching me as I was parallel parking in their tight space – to which I replied ‘you bet they are, those guys are amazed I am putting this big truck into that extremely tight space’.  She uttered a slight chuckle and confirmed it was tight.  I told her I should get extra points for getting it done.

We drove around the few blocks surrounding the license office and when we returned, she proclaimed I had passed my test!

What a relief, 600 miles was quite enough.  With all the miles it turned out to be a great shakedown of the inverter and everything performed as it should.  No need to be concerned with that and I am relieved to have the confirmation.

The road to El Paso, we know it well!

We are now pretty much ready to pack it and roll.  On Sunday I will call our first planned campground and confirm availability for Monday evening.  Packing will be quick and we should be rolling by 10:00 or 11:00.  Monday will be a rather short driving day followed by two longer days.  The plan is to just pull in and connect the power cord, run out the slides and relax.

I soaked in the springs last night taking in the ambiance of this special place again before we leave.  It will be really sad to leave Riverbend but we will take some great memories and the friendships made will endure.  If ever I can come back I will for sure.  This weekend is the Fiesta and If I am up to it I plan to go and take some pictures.  It will be cool to be here for that.  So stay tuned and we’ll see what it is all about.

A word on the AC5000E Germ Guardian Air Purifier:
We have now had the unit most of the week.  There is a noticeable difference in the dust inside the 5er.  The purchase was definitely the right choice.

AC5000E Air Purifier