Main street TorC, USA
TorC aka Hot Springs
image image
Police and Fire Departments lead the parade

The annual Fiesta here in TorC is this weekend.  There are a bunch of things to see and do.  It’s a carnival. rodeo, parade, bowling, skateboard competition, free concert, fishing tournament and more.image
Fiesta 2015 schedule

Every Fire Department from miles around participated in the parade.imageimageimageimage
You see a lot of these around here

And sometimes you see stuff you may only see hereimageimage
And the parade just kept on rolling past

Rhonda was at the office on her last day Workamping at Riverbend Hot Springs.  I had left the dogs at the 5er to go see the parade.  It is cool to see some things stay the same.  The Fiesta has been an annual event here for 50 years.  Great to see small town America hold onto traditions that are local and help bond the community in local tradition.  In the big cities, there is so much anonymity that these things tend to become lost in the hustle bustle.  I don’t ever plan to be a part of a big city again.  We will miss this place for sure.  Thankful for the memories.
Sometimes the old stuff is the best stuff


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