Leaving the great folks at Riverbend Hot Springs.  Many friendships have been made and there are no words that would adequately convey the compassion and sincerity of the owners and many of their crew.  I am and will be forever greatful that ‘the universe’ caused our paths to cross.  I truly hope ‘the universe’ will make that happen again someday.

So many good memories, so many tears upon leaving today.

But leave we did.  I had errands to run before we hitched up, oxygen tanks needed to be stocked up for the trip and we needed ice for the cooler and drink cooler.  I took more pictures of the sights around town so my memory will have the help it will need as time passes.

Other Hot springs in town,
but none can compare to RBHS on the RIO GRAND

And an all time favorite, Sumthin’s Ice Cream

So after a bit of packing, a pot lock lunch and a few errands , we hitched up and prepped to roll.  One last tear-filled good bye to Jake and a promise to stay in touch, some encouraging words from Jake and a bunch more tears, we slid out of town.

The 100 mile drive north was at times rather tense as a huge black cloud to our south developed and on a few occasions there were huge slushy raindrops, the kind that precede hail.  We managed to out run those and drove 16 miles past our stop to get fuel and hopefully allow the storm to dissipate just a bit.  It worked and we dodged a bullet for now.  Never planned to be heading into the tornado belt right at the high point of tornado season.  You just never know what curve balls life is going to throw ya!

Turtleback mountain just before sunset 5.3.15

So here we are, the first night en route to MO.  Tomorrow will be a longer travel day.  with an eye on the weather, we will cautiously travel, or lay over for a night, just depends on how it (the weather) develops.

Good bye my friends in TorC.  We love ya and will look forward to when we can get back together again, till then we wish you all well in your adventures and Jake I can’t wait to see the pictures of all the great stuff you are doing there to the resort.  Great things are ahead for you.  Very exciting.

Stay tuned, our next stop will be Logan, NM.


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