May 5, 2015
Not really exciting stuff just a travel day but wanted to get it down for posterity.  The more fun stuff will begin when we get with LeRoy and Ann in a couple of days.  Then on our arrival at the farm, let the crappie fishing begin.image
The 220 +/- drive was an easy one.

I guess I really overdid it on the packing and getting ready to leave.  Used the portable oxygen tanks and the pulse regulator.  Still getting it all figured out and I believe I worked most of the day and depleted O2 levels so much that I had to really take the whole day of driving today to get back to where it should be.  So I guess in the future I will take the O2 concentrator outside and use extra long hoses.  We’ll see if that keeps me from getting so overly exhausted next time.  The most alarming thing was that through the night and early morning my Oxygen levels were quite low.  They came up to the 90s and were sustained there on the drive today.  We landed at Arrowhead RV Park about 3:00PM and I am feeling much better today than yesterday and last night!

The landscape changes as we roll north

The ground cover gets much more dense as we traveled north.  Took a great route from Bernardo, NM to Logan, NM – two lane and not much traffic at all.  The rail road runs along this route and there are many washes and of course the mountains are here in every direction.


Beautiful route, thanks LeRoy & Lee, great suggestion

Don’t let all the white clouds fool you, when we arrived at a Flying J 25 miles from Logan, NM the sky began to turn dark and there were repeated warnings of hail and severe thunderstorms in the direction of our destination.  We turned on the hot spot and checked the Weather Channel Maps and took our time on that last 25 miles.  Like yesterday had a few frozen rain drops.  Missed the hail and so far again it looks like we dodged a bullet.

Campground reviews on this trip

So far the camp spots for overnight have been great.  Level and no need to unhitch the truck.  Makes for a quick get away in the morning and an easy set up on arrival the afternoon before.  Our boondocking days are probably over for the foreseeable future so we needed FHU, really ELECTRIC for the oxygen concentrator.  The first stop was Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel and for an overnight stop with FHU you can’t beat it.  The sites are all pull through and plenty wide for slides.  There is not much in the way of amenities however there is a clubhouse which is very welcoming with a pool table and lounge area.  Showers are available.  We used our Passport America membership for a great discount and Like I say, we were able to get rolling by 9:00AM the next morning.

The second night had us at another no frills lace to park for the night.  Arrowhead RV Park is located close to UTE Lake and is a 35 site RV park.  Each site has a level concrete pad that is plenty long enough to accommodate a big rig.  FHU at each site and again, for us perfect for a quick set up and departure in the morning.  No need to un hitch and all we will need to do is pack the power cord and get rolling.  Again the Passport America discounts apply and we are skating through the low cost overnight stops like never before.  A little planning always makes this a lot easier and it is working very well so far for this trip.  Hope that is an omen for what lies ahead.

Tomorrow evening will have us at Alice’s RV Park in Liberal, KS.  Stay tuned and we will find out what that one is like.


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