We were making great time.  My O2 levels were trending lower than the goal or target?? (What would that be, target I guess)
Couphing in the evening and we’ll into the night became progressively worse over the past their nights.  Finally this morning Rhonda called for help.  I ended up in the ER and now checked into a Hospital in Liberal, KS.  (Rhonda got a kick out of that’- LIBERAL I am NOT, never will be)



Looks like your typical ER right.

We’ll after tests, they say the infection is back.  Med records from early Apr compared to today indicate that to be the case.  Explains what I had been seeing.  Not I know better what to do when this crap starts next time.
So I expect this to be a minor delay.  Just as well, the storms are to our N and NE so keeping an eye on them, a delay could be for the best anyway.

The RV spot review
Well it is an RV Spot with FHU.  10.oo one night Passport America.  20..so normal.  We may end up here three nights.  Alices RV Park Hooker, OK.
Reminds me of a song… that’s another story though.

More to come.