Well here we are.
Dr came in and the review is very good.  Lungs sound and are more clear today than before.  @6LPM of 02 my SPO2  is 91.  (Good)
Dr says out of here day after tomorrow.

This after a very rough morning leaves me with mixed emotions.  Physically feeling much better but also aprehensive about not being close to help.  Buuuut what has to be done has to be done and I will suck it up we will roll.

The Dr is very good.  He said when I do leave my lungs will be more clear than they have been in a long time.  With Meds we should be able to keep them clear most of the time.  He has given me a slight boost of confidence in the midst of the roller coaster of the past couple of days.

So the plan is this: right now it would be unwise and unsafe for me to drive.  Friends we barely know, LeRoy & Anne Willis have offered to help get us to Wichita, KS.  We will still stay there with them for a restful two nights.  My brother in law Kendall will come to Wichita and drive the rig back to the farm.  We should arrive if things go as planned we will arrive on Wednesday.

Dr appointment is set at KU for 5/28.

With luck the next post will be about the successful trip, visiting with LeRoy & Anne, the trip with Kendall into Concordia and finally some great crappie freshly caught in the lake and grilled to perfection.  Fun stuff…

So looking forward to a bit less intense reporting on my condition and a lot more posting on living.

Thanks to all for the prayers, concern, support and for just being ‘here’.

Hopeful again.