I believe it is time for me to stop believing the initial projections and estimates for a lot of what is happening.  Everything seems to change so quickly.

Yesterday in Liberal, KS the decision was made for me to be transfered to KU by air.  We arrived about 6:00PM.  CT scan shortly after arrival along with a host of other tests and then it was time to sleep.


Today was a rather fast morning and when the afternoon rolled around the chief of Pulmonology came in to talk.

The assessment here at KU is that I need a lung transplant and sooner than later.

The best place for that in the opinion of this Dr is Dallas and he has connections there that will help considerably.

Thank god we have a connection in Dallas.  We have been told to come we can stay there through the whole thing.

So transplant it is.

Have no Idea now what even the short future looks like.  We will see.  Wish me luck.