The one you can count on is the one out the window.  While lighting and seasons will have it changing all the time it will remain basically the same.

On this journey to a transplant…we’ll not so much.  Since each person if unique (tiring of hearing that) we heal and recover differently.  I have heard that I would be releases ‘day after tomorrow’ more than once only to rain wired and otherwise connected to machines and still in the hospital bed for days way beyond ‘day after tomorrow’.

Today’s prediction was for a test – a big one required for becoming a possible transplant recipient.  The cardio cathater was requested.  The cardio team showed up this AM, a time of day that is predictably very bad for me.  It starts with coughing and getting breathing treatments to open my airways so my lung function improves to the point that SPO2 levels are close to or in the 90s.  We’ll they decided to wait.  It will not happen today.  With the holiday weekend probably the earliest will be Tuesday.


Now there is more to the story like fluid on my lungs has returned so I am back on diuretics.

The bigger picture now is looking something like this: sounds like I will remain here for most of the qualifying tests.  When those are complete we then will transfer to Dallas.  The epextation is that I  will continue to require more O2 than possible in a home setting.  That means being in a hospital setting while we wait.

When the word to go to Dallas is called Kendall and Rhonda will prep and move the rig to inside storage till we return.  After transplant recovery will be at brother in law’s place Charles there in Dallas

Once again very greatful for friends and family.  This is very humbeling.

That is the current plan set in jello so stay tuned to see if there are unexpected turns that pop up along the way

Thanks for ‘being here”.