Turn When the Road Does

The name of our blog is a quote from Rhonda’s late Dad, Eugene Courtney, from one of his famous driving directions.  We consider it profoundly applicable to life in general.  The home page picture is our camp site at Canal Campground on Lake Barkley in Kentucky, the first park we stayed in when we began our full-time RV adventure, and we found it to be the perfect representation of “Turn when the road does”.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. It is indeed an appropriate name for RV full timers. We just had our first anniversary living on the road.
    Safe travels and enjoy every turn.

  2. I will be adopting the advice of the quote “Turn when the road does”. I agree that it applies to life in general. Looking forward to reading about your adventures! Amanda in Ohio

  3. We would love to be able to road trip and travel around in an RV 🙂 Love that you guys are doing it – so inspiring! Off to check out more of your blog!!

    • Just a tid bit from the road… The most frequent regret we hear is that ‘we did not start earlier’. Start getting ready as soon as you can, it is a great lifestyle.

  4. Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog so I am nominating you for the Liebster Award Details here http://seizethedayrvadventure.com/2014/03/24/liebster-blog-award/

  5. Wayne Scott said:

    WOW, This really got away from us. Thank you. : (

  6. Kent Worley said:

    Ronda and Wayne:

    Shortly after you left Illinois, I stumbled across your blog while searching about LaDonna.
    I met the both you at LaDonna’s house in Texas at their wedding. My (new) wife and I are envious of your lifestyle. I enjoy your travels and wish you happy trails!


    • Good to hear from you, Kent. Of course we remember you. Congrats on your marriage! Maybe you and your wife will take the plunge into full-time travel and we can meet up somewhere down the road.

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